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Spiritual Battles…

17 July, 2010

Great read for the end times – thanks for posting this Anne!

Here are some of the things I and my friends have gone through and I am posting in question format so you can see:
Have you ever noticed that when your bank account is low, you all of a sudden get a higher bill for something you were not expecting?
Have you heard that not just one, but several close friends and/or relatives have a terminal illness or have died around the same time?
Did you have a wonderful time at church and then all of a sudden find a 6 pack of beer underneath your teenagers bed?
Did you just witness to someone and they came to Christ, only to go home and your spouse has started yelling at you for no reason?
Did you invite your in-laws over for a wonderful dinner only to find out they did not like the food or the way you decorate and now the whole family is talking behind your back?
Have you ever led the neighbors to Christ only to see that your spouse decides to yell at the kids in the front yard?
Did you just spend a lot of money on getting your car fixed, painted and then someone slams into it?
Did you see that fraud happened to your bank account or a deposit did not hit the account and you wrote checks against it?
Did you come home to find out that your computer has been attacked and all your music and pictures are corrupted?
Did you go to work only to find out that you are getting furloughed, you got your boss a promotion with your work yet you are in the same position, or someone at work is trying to get you fired by sabotage?
Have you ever started getting in a more in depth study of the word at church, gain a higher post to deacon or associate pastor only to find out your spouse has been cheating on you because they felt you were ignoring them?
Has your words come back to personally make you feel embarrassed for your witness of the Lord? For example, have you said to your coworkers that you know that the Lord will protect you from the layoffs and then you are the first one laid off?
Have you started a Bible discussion group in your home only to be argued with the whole time about doctrine?
Has a loan or financial aid fell through for college or something else you needed desperately?
Have you signed up for the PTA or another group and you confide in someone for information to be used against you?
Have you been a victim of vandalism or theft lately?
Have you had a HOA that approved something and then later try to sue you because they don’t remember approving it?
Have you had realtors lie to you about a property and you are stuck with a lot of issues and you cannot afford an attorney?
Have you been fighting with your spouse and all of a sudden someone walks up to you out of the blue and gives you their phone number?
Have you been at the store and all of a sudden in the parking lot someone becomes angry and hostile because you won’t give them money?
Do you have the flu and your boss forces you to come to work and you make a mistake and they yell at you?
Did you just move for a new job and relocate from your family only to be laid off shortly after?

The list goes on of course, but these battles are coming on a daily basis. Be aware of them, be calm and proclaim victory in Jesus name.



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