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The Natural and The Spiritual (known today as dimensional)

9 July, 2010

Just had an A-HA! moment…

The earth.
The water.
The Natural.
The Spiritual… (dimensional) respectively.

I see the significance, finally, or perhaps more succinctly, the correlation.

Recently as we all are probably painfully aware of by now, is the Gulf oil ‘disaster’ (interesting how it was just an ‘oil spill’ – ‘gotta’ kick it up a notch’, right Emeril? 😉

But oil, is the earth’s blood (i.e. the ‘natural’ things) polluting ‘the waters’ (the ‘spiritual’ things) globally, I’m afraid.

See, the things of this earth (greed, corruption, lying, stealing, pride, etc.) pollute the things of the Spiritual/Dimensional… Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Self-Control, etc…

Please take heed, and pray so to not let this happen to your souls y’all (I’m in ‘the boat’ too – it’s definitely a daily walk). Time is indeed short for the things as we know them.

Take this to heart today – in everything you do, be kind, gentle, loving and patient to others and do it as unto Him 🙂



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