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Cyborgism: Necessity or New Fad?

2 July, 2010

I’ve had dreams about this in 2002 and even earlier – that it would be a necessity (in my dream, keep in mind) for cybornetic body parts due to a ‘virus’ brought to the world by a meteorite shower that bombarded earth in many places…of course I knew in this ‘dream’ I had, that these ‘meteroites’ were manufactured and was the way the ‘Advantage Cybornetics’ (notice ‘AC’ in this name) distributed the virus they made…part of the ‘screenplay’ I was gonna write, ’till I found out this is actually possible…8 years later.

Anyway , another dream I had was:

people could go into stores and instead of getting a facial the traditional way, with makeup and such, people could change their whole face b/c it was cybornetic.

The facial ‘bot leaned over the lady customer in the makeup chair and seemed to grab the lady’s skin at her temples. Then, with one swift motion, ripped the whole ladies face off!” Then the lady’s face winked at me while the facial ‘bot was holding it in the air!” , treburn exclaimed, “it was freaky when I saw it was a ‘robot face’ under a ‘real skin’ look!”

“Then they started using ‘nanites’…but that was later…” treburn recalled as he winced slightly…

cyborg video test with mask and photoshop...

Film-maker replaces eye with camera…


Eye Cam Cyborg guy…


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  1. 17 July, 2010 05:12

    Hey guys, this good wook!


    • 17 July, 2010 08:53

      Praise God and thank you! Many have been working together on this as well – we couldn’t present this if it wasn’t for others 🙂
      Grace Peace and Blessings to you and family…


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