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Not with a ten foot pole…

28 June, 2010

Heh, some readers apparently didn’t like what God had me post yesterday…’Pride comes before Destruction’ but I feel better inside knowing that this was for their own well being too…I pray that this message is received with prayers for the lost. I humbly pray for forgiveness if I have offended anybody, but when I’m faced with Jesus’ or man’s approval – guess which one I will take…I’m not writing because I want approval from man or his policies…

Some people won’t touch this ‘pride’ subject with a ten foot pole – even a twenty foot one 😉 and yet it was the FIRST SIN!

But, it needs to be said. ‘Minorities’ (not the people but the social agenda) and Special Interests should not get a majority of attention IMHO! Minority means less than a majority, yet policies are geared specifically for them!

There is no condemnation from my beliefs or person towards this behavior, but there is a desire for people not to spend eternity away from God…Jesus is the ONLY way for salvation, however. And it doesn’t matter what we think, what matters is what God says. Period. If you want or need prayer – send me a message & lemme’ know! I promise confidentiality on my end – even though this is the internet…

When one is in His presence, one understands. Spend time in His presence daily for that recharge and understanding. God is in charge over the entire universe and yet, He still has time and the ability to be an individual God – always willing and able to bring those ,by their faith and trust, to His level.

This proves HE is real – even without the Bible – that He can meet with you anywhere you are, at any time, in any circumstance, at every level, in everything.

This doesn’t mean that life is a box of chocolates, a cake walk, an easy ride, immunity or ‘super power’ providing (other than with The Holy Spirit) with a relationship with Jesus, but having a relationship with the creator of the universe, is AWESOME. You should start one with Him sometime, if not already – hopefully before the world goes belly up…

I pray, that there is ‘ground’ is still soft enough in hearts to accept the ‘seeds of truth, sown in love’ – for souls!

But either way I’ll still be your friend even if we disagree…but it’s up to you to choose your destiny. Choose wisely.


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