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Recaps –

23 June, 2010

Greetings All Readers!

Just gonna’ take some time here to do some projects I’ve been ‘neglecting’ here at ‘base camp’ – @ tha’ crib yo’ 😉

Anyway, I encourage all of you in the name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to stay strong in your DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER LIFE with God through our mediator Yeshua. Trying to maintain a life of continuous prayer in these darkening days.

This, IMHO, is what we will be held accountable for – perhaps even more so? – than anything that we do on this earth.

I’ve also added some more stuff in the blogroll and I especially encourage this searching and doing your own research – if you have time…after all this blog would be nothing if it wasn’t for everyone doing what they can do. Continuing on until the race is through…

It’s always these initial, small, baby steps that encourages us to continue our practicing, until one day we develop into ‘swift, agile runners’ of the great race of our lives; able to then walk on water perhaps even fly?

Take some time with your family. Remember where you came from. Forgive. Move on in Love, realizing there WAS ONE given for ALL – including you 🙂

A free gift. Paid with blood. Posted for all to see. Posted on an ‘evil tree’.

Acceptance of the gift given to you and me, is crucial for salvation. How hard can this be?

Faith and The Truth will set us free!

‘Till tomorrow…


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