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Another dream? Transformers extreme!

11 June, 2010

Good Morning all! I’m feeling pretty good today, after retiring early last night and finally getting at least 8 hours of sleep (had been only getting 5 or 6 for at least 4 months now 😦 ); mostly from trying to stay vigilant on the news and possible prophetic events…

Anyway, around 5 or so this morning I had an amazing dream. I knew what time it was because I had been in and out of sleep since about 3am. My wife was also awake and we were talking back and forth, laughing at funny things that had happened the previous day. But I dozed off during this banter right after looking at the clock and immediately went into a dream state…

I was trying to walk around where I ‘worked’. I was going around just checking in on things, making sure they were all working, moving things from one room to another, etc. But, as in all my dreams, so I don’t believe this is significant, I was having trouble walking or running, and had to grab onto things to help me ‘go forwards’ at any speed faster than a snail. Running is even that much harder. So I am always trying to get from point A to point B in the easiest route.

Vehicles, on the other hand, are great. AND, when I finally ‘tap into’ realizing I know how to fly, I usually go this route, but in many dreams, I forget sometimes that I know how to fly. I have had many ‘practice sessions’ flying in my dreams, and sometimes even just think about where I want to go next, and there I am, but I need to ‘rest more’ in the dream before I can do it again, so I haven’t practiced this much. Floating/flying is next best option.

Anyway, I went into this brewing warehouse next door, carrying an emptied 5 gallon Cornelius keg to get it filled, and was finding it really hard to walk, when I remembered about flying, and without trying just ‘lifted up about a foot or so off the catwalks, steps and walkways, carrying this emptied keg with me – it was so much easier!

I went down the steps to the main floor – floating down through the middle of them, jumping from banister to banister on the way down just for fun, I finally was down to the ground floor.

It was only about 5 or 6 stories, but when I got to the floor, I dropped off the keg to be filled with the manager,said goodnight and went outside. It was dark by then, and as I was trying to cross the street, it became harder and harder to get to the other side, as my legs felt like lead, getting heavier and heavier as I got closer to the other side of the street.

There was a truck across the street waiting to turn right (in front of me on the crosswalk). I guess I forgot to fly again or needed rest, but as I labored to reach the other side, I couldn’t help thinking how dumb I musta’ looked to the guy, so patiently waiting for me in the truck.

I had almost reached the curb, and I think I might have even stepped up on it, when I was ‘held in place’ – like a magnetic field. I couldn’t move anymore. I just gave up trying, I was so exhausted that I reeled around, and just started to fall into the street thinking, “I’m gonna smash my face right into the road right in front of a truck about to turn…this guy must think I’m drunk!”, when all of a sudden I stopped about a foot or so off the ground; stopped by an invisible cushion!

“This is weird”, I thought, and it was like, again floating like magnets do when they repel each other, except my feet were touching the ground. Then, just as suddenly, this ‘unseen force’ turned me back around to my original direction (feet still on the ground/curb, but my head and body 1-2 feet of the ground) and I noticed I could see better. But because something was getting brighter. I thought the truck had turned – about to run me over, but it was me (not a spotlight like they show in a UFO abduction movie) but I started to glow and then there were big blue static electricity sparks flashing all around me (in less than s second!). My body started to tingle, rise off the ground slowly at first. and then MUCH faster upwards to a much bright light even though I had my ‘eyes shut’ by then(I was the happiest guy and was thinking FINALLY! – Going to be with Jesus! I was sooo excited). But then I started to slow down, it started to get ‘darker’ then I was in my bed – awake. I did a Homer Simpson – “DOH!” just then out loud, and looked at the clock and hardly any time had passed!

My ‘comment’ interested my wife who was awake at the time – still marvelling that I went to sleep, had this ‘dream’ and woke up so fast. After I mentioned the ‘sparks of electricity’, she said, “I SAW a couple little blue sparks or lights around you just before you woke up!””I hope I just didn’t miss the rapture”, I thought…

We’re both trying to figure this dream out, but it was an amazing feeling being a REAL TRANSFORMER and shooting up to the sky while it lasted!

Have a great weekend y’all! I’ll be busy so I may not get to post anything till Sunday at least…


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