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Jacob and Esau, Psalm 83, Gog Magog begins?

9 June, 2010

Just a few updates, in case you haven’t been keeping up…[article HERE]

The leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey meet to discuss security needs that will affect the stability of our world

June 08, 2010

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and the Turkish PM Tayip Erdogan met in Istanbul in a security summit to discuss problems facing the Middle Eastern region as well as pressing issues that will affect the security of the entire world.

Recent events in the Middle East have caused Russian PM Putin to condemn Israel, the Turkish PM Erdogan to call for Israel to pay the price for defending itself against terrorist attacks, and the Iranian President Ahmadinejad to say that Israel is near the point of their total annihilation.

Jimmy’s Prophetic Prospective on the News

When the leaders of Russia, Iran, and Turkey hold a summit on security in the Middle East, you can know that the world is ever so close to the last days scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

In the recent summit on security held in Istanbul, Turkey the leaders of three major world powers, Russia, Iran and Turkey met to discuss the issues facing not only the Middle East, but the world as well, the issues of the proliferation of nuclear power and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Coming into the meeting, all three leaders, Russian PM Putin, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad and the Turkish PM Tayip Erdogan all had opinions that Iran has the right to arm itself with Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction.

This scenario unfolding in our world today is advancing the preparations for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote 2500 years ago of an alignment of nations that would attack the Jewish state of Israel in the last days. Ezekiel 38:2-6 reveals the nations in this coalition and the first three mentioned are Magog, modern day Russia, Meshech and Tubal in verse 2 and Gomer and Togarmah in verse 6 which is modern day Turkey. The nation, Persia, listed in Ezekiel 38:5 is modern day Iran.

The summit on security held in Istanbul, Turkey with the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey seated at the table is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

and an update on the murder in the vatican that happened a couple of days ago [article HERE]:

Muslim Murders Vatican Cleric in Turkey

by Hillel Fendel
Contrary to earlier reports, it has now been confirmed that the Muslim who murdered a Vatican official in Turkey last week did so for religious reasons.

Luigi Padovese, who represented the Vatican as Vicar Apostolic of Anatolia, Turkey, was murdered last week by his long-time driver, a Muslim extremist. It was originally reported that the murderer was insane, but it is now known that the murder was carried out for religious reasons.

Christian elements in Turkey say that many Muslim attacks on Christians are “covered up” by calling the murderers “insane” and the like. Such incidents include five murders and three other knife attacks of Christians, most of them near the victims’ churches or other Christian institutions, all in the past four years. In Israel, the PA has often claimed that Arabs who stab Israeli guards are mentally disturbed.

In other Turkish violence, 15 people were wounded in a pipe-bomb attack in Istanbul on Tuesday. The explosives were placed aside a police van, injuring policemen and passersby.

Earlier Tuesday, it was announced that Turkish police had arrested 14 men in four cities in simultaneous raids on charges of connections with Al-Qaeda. In 2006, a Danish institute found that IHH, the Turkish group that organized the recent anti-Israel so-called “humanitarian” flotilla, had ties with Al-Qaeda and global jihad operatives.

An international conference in Istanbul is being held today, at which Turkey and Iran are leading verbal attacks on Israel.

and a video –

There ya have it folks! Working while waiting!


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