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Gulf Coast Craziness??!!

1 June, 2010

Watch out now!!! Seems like ‘the lion’ is going about seeking whom he may devour…

I’ll not go quietly…

Here’s a post from a fellow watchman…Warnings! To those on The Gulf Coast!!!

Dear friends:

My calling is that of a watchman. I try to discern truth before I report it, but if I am not 100% sure and if the information is critical enough, I will usually go ahead and report it, so you will at least have the information available, and you can pray about it and respond as you may be led.

That is what this message is all about.

There is some very weird and potentially threatening stuff going on right now behind the scenes that could change our lives forever. They could also indicate the possibility of an imminent rapture (let us hope) and/or martial law.

This is especially relevant if you live along the Gulf coast or Eastern seaboard, but it will affect all Americans, as well as people in other nations.

I urge you to listen to the one-hour interview of Greg Evensen by a fellow named “Hawk” sometimes read on Steve Quayle’s Web site. Greg has been gathering inside information about the Gulf oil spill and he shares some shocking information you will never hear from the mainstream, state-run news media or from the government, until it is too late. He tells about government contingency plans for the very near-term evacuation of many millions of people from the coast because of toxic and deadly benzene fumes penetrating inland and how people need to begin planning. Greg sounds very credible and he tries not to be sensational about it, but is just reporting what he has learned. See 5-27-10 broadcast at

If there is any truth to this report, we are talking about cataclysmic disruption of our nation and way of life. The President (or the one who claims to be President) would have to declare martial law and invoke dictatorial powers. This would enable him to fully transform America into a socialist/Marxist state, which I believe is his agenda. America as we know it may have only weeks more of existence.

After some research, I was able to locate Greg and was privileged to speak with him. This reinforced my conclusion that he is a credible person with a special calling on his life.

The other day I reported about the Florida lady, near Tampa, who describes an oily rain she has experienced. She sounds very credible. See her report at

This may or may not have anything to do with it, but the other day I also reported on the massive stockpiling of UN vehicles at an old military airport near Jacksonville, Florida. This is extremely curious, I am not certain how timely these photos are or if they are current but you can see them and hear this story:

. I also found the vehicles on a Google Earth satellite photo. There may be nothing to this, but it is bizarre.

There is an update on this:

Keep looking up!

God bless you,


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