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Salvation(s?), Bible Wheel, Last 7 years, Plagues begun? Some things to Consider…

28 May, 2010

First,I would like to PRAISE GOD for a salvation (at least known to me)- via blogging and forums this past Pentecost weekend! By ‘sticking my neck out’ and posting an ‘educated guess’ (on Pentecost weekend being a possible day for the rapture (I wasn’t date setting, though accused) on another secular site, 3500 at least saw the post!!!

So, that’s like packing a good size church out and witnessing – and one lost sheep at least coming in – no scheduling, or hotels, or travel or budget and Jesus left the 99 for 1…Hallelujah! I’m sooo stoked – it makes it all worth while! This is how the gospel will be preached in all nations…IMHO.

Perhaps this is why we see ‘a clamp’ happening on the Internet…for National Security? (rhetorical question: Muslim now perhaps? – why does the American census bureau rent an office in a Muslim Owned Building?)[SEE HERE]

The U. S. Census Bureau leases 6,654 square feet of space from the Saudi-financed Dar al-Hijrah, which has been labeled “America’s most radical mosque.” The cost of the space to taxpayers is $23,000 a month.

Anyway Thanks to ALL of your prayers, faith and works for HIS Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven…

Second, I just came across this site today (SEE HERE) on The Bible Wheel, of course you readers have probably have seen this, but I found it interesting – a different way to see the correlation of the scriptures…This must be the Word of God to have a holographic and multidimensional aspect to it as well…

Now why don’t people want to believe, again?

I guess they think they have to live their own lives (perhaps still wanting to experience the pleasures of sin for their very short time on earth) not realizing that it only a fraction of ‘the experience’ of what truly walking daily in the fellowship with The Master, Jesus is…A relationship that allows us to experience the most grandiose eternal experience, by simply giving our lives to Him by faith.

Don’t delay. There will be a rapture. The timing is what we are all straining at, but we should ALL know, as God’s children, to be led by peace, to walk in love, and be watching and praying to FINALLY see his face once again and so meet Him in the air! 🙂

(Side note:If ya’like sci-fi, ‘a repackaging’ for you….There’s the super awesome good race of aliens (angels), with a Supreme Alien named Jehovah, God, Yahweh,YVWH, Jah (short for J-ehov-AH) and his Son Jesus, Yeshua, and a ‘super bad’ race of aliens with a leader Satan, The Devil, Lucifer, etc… and they are both trying to ‘abduct us’. The good ones want the human race to ‘populate the stars’ eventually, but will not allow ‘evil’ in outer space. People have to follow Jesus the only person that fully went ‘through with the plan’ where other – albeit great leaders’, failed.

The bad aliens got kicked out of ‘outer space’ and are stuck here. They show themselves to us as ‘good aliens’ (angels of light) only ‘seemingly’ wanting to help the people – technologically, in exchange for abductees to do horrible ‘experiments’ to them – forever. They can do this, because they operate dimensionally ‘side-stepping time’ – essentially – they are spiritual beings after all. Long story short: The good Aliens win, the bad ones don’t. Side with the good ones, k?) 🙂

Thirdly, no matter the day or the hour, we can be assured of this, however. Jesus WILL return very soon, within these next 7 years – we know this by the signs.

Bank on it = get supplies while there is time…just in case, cause ya never know exactly – it’s based on a number (until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in)- not a date.

You can’t eat your money, but you can eat stored up food…think about it y’all.

Thirdly, the ‘arm wrestling’ match in the Gulf of Mexico right now is going to fail. It has been prophesied. NO ONE can wrestle God (Operation ‘Top Kill’ – you’re kidding right???) and win. Really??!!! using BARIUM (same stuff in chemtrails)…in the water????HOW dumb are we again????WAKE UP!

and ‘Ultraguy’s’ analogy [HERE]– WOW!!!

Also this book review:[FOUND HERE] – Interesting when it was published too…

A new organism kills fish and may be unhealthy for humans too


Like most horror stories, the tale recounted in Rodney Barker’s ”And the Waters Turned to Blood” begins quietly. In 1988, JoAnn Burkholder, an aquatic ecologist at North Carolina State University, was asked for help by Edward Noga, a fish pathologist at the university veterinary school. Mr. Noga and an assistant had a tankful of water and some fish from Pamlico Sound, an estuary on the North Carolina coast. To their dismay, the fish quickly died. They scrubbed the tanks, but the next batch of fish died, too, and the one after that. The tanks, they discovered, were infested with a mysterious single-celled organism.

Ms. Burkholder, who had studied river algae, was reluctant to try to identify it. The organism was apparently one of the dinoflagellates, free-swimming, taxonomically puzzling creatures with some of the characteristics of both plants and animals. Even experts had a hard time distinguishing among the thousands of known species, and she was no expert. But when one of her students expressed interest in the project, she agreed to help. Two years went by before the student mastered the techniques of scanning electron microscopy enough to take usable pictures of the dinoflagellate. But when he did, the results amazed Ms. Burkholder — it was like nothing scientists had seen before

(treburn clears his throat, and calms down a bit)

So we have essentially the first of the plagues happening?

Also remember that Egypt represents a society based on worshipping foreign Gods, and compared to Sodom and Gomorrah (for ‘homosexual’ stuff?)

Let’s think POSSIBLE scenario…not predicting anything

Moses went to Pharaoh to warn him about the 10 plagues that would come if he didn’t let the Jews go. However, Pharaoh said no. (Mr. ‘O’ has referred to himself as a modern-day pharaoh – even ‘Anubis’ entered NY harbor recently – possibly symbolizing the death of America…

1. Then all the water in Egypt turned into blood and Pharaoh still said no. (oil in gulf/ and collision will affect 1/3rd the oceans?killing 1/3rd of sea life, and destroying 1/3rd of all sea vessels…)

2. Then one giant frog came out of the water and millions and millions of little frogs came out of the big frog’s mouth. And Pharaoh still said no. -( see frog thingy above – more to come?)

3. Then every speck of sand became lice, and Pharaoh still said no.(still thinking on this)

4. Then suddenly came these big wild animals like lions, bears, etc. and Pharaoh still said no. (genetic manipulations via chemicals)

5. Then all the Egyptians’ cattle died, and Pharaoh still said no.(wonder if cattle mutilation has anything to do with this – or hoof ‘n mouth…)

6. Then every single male, female and child got boils and Pharaoh still said no.(those that took the mark of the beast…or from magnetosphere being destroyed?)

7. Then hail (but not regular hail) mixed with fire and ice, came down and Pharaoh still said no.(possibly caused by the chemical dispersants, what are they made of again???being used for oil spills – clings to the water particles from evaporation, swept up into thunderstorms and static electricity ignites…?)

8. Then millions and millions of locusts started flying all over the place, and Pharaoh still said no. (we have seen possible early warning signs here out west…)

9. Then it became pitch black, darkness and Pharaoh still said no.(easy – this would be EM burst for sure – no electricity ya’ll – or volcanic ash/nuclear effects too I guess)

10. Then in middle of the night, every single firstborn of the Egyptians died. (Not sure about this other than by the angel…but an interesting similarity…The ‘chaff’ separated from the wheat’ is burned? This ‘winnowing process’ was done in the evening or at night when winds would be up helping this process…winds=Holy Spirit?)

See some earlier posts (in April) on water/air under attack and words affecting water…

Anyway I just threw some stuff out there for examination…sure, this is speculation, but many investors have been succesful at that… 😉

remember that when you seek, you will find…


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