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More oil go byebye…

25 May, 2010

A little blip of a headline from AP today…

In other news: An oil tanker and a carrier collided in the waters between Malaysia and Singapore today, spilling an estimated 2,500 tonnes of oil into the water. According to Reuters, a clean-up operation involving oil dispersants and containment booms is currently under way.

found [HERE]

I wonder…if 10lbs/gallon is a good estimate, this equals to around 500,000 gallons of oil…seem like after the BP oil rig ‘attack’ people should be trying just a bit harder to not let this happen again, unless a conspiracy to destroy our water and air is afoot – er, afin…

Notice that this was reported in tonnes not gallons – sounds like hardly anything right? Uh-oh another rant’s coming on – sorry y’all…

You gotta be a sucker if you believe that there is an oil shortage (nothing personal if you do, but just take a ‘critical thought journey’ on you OWN for a bit…)judging by the amount of the crude and gasses coming out of the ground in the Gulf.

Shoot, just since the ‘destruction’ of the rig we have seen around half of America’s estimated need for oil PER YEAR get wasted into the Gulf FROM ONE OIL RIG!!!!! How long HAD it been there? How many total rigs are there? Now perhaps the picture is filling in….

MOST of our oxygen does not come from the forests as most believe but from the oceans and the microscopic life going on in them. C’mon y’all, remember Biology or Oceanography 101 from the good ‘ol days before lies were flagrantly published in our schools textbooks = Raising a generation of ‘dumbed down’ individuals – ranked ‘top of their class’ = more population control for sheeple = more government/defense contractors jobs = less production and increase of national wealth for society as a whole =more poverty = more government dependency…you can see where this is going right? Hmmm?

Prayer works wonders, I believe – especially where two or more agree in Jesus’ name…

Lord I pray for the people directing this country. I pray that they will realize what is happening, will fall on their face and repent alongside all America, and Christians worldwide. Forgive us as a nation for forgetting that you were the one who established this country. Forgive us for neglecting your ‘wife’ Israel. Help us to turn back to You, first as individuals, than as families, communities and a nation, realizing that we need YOU – Jesus – not more government, where we see the mystery of lawlessness already at work. Thank you for America’s return to you and Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem.In Jesus’ name I pray…So be it.

Ahh! Much better. (treburn sighs and smiles feeling the weight lift off his shoulder)


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