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Ok Al…now what was that you were saying?

24 May, 2010

Heh, you may wanna get some thermal underwear too, having at look at this article.


Al Gore Shocked by
‘The Great Cool-Down’

Even if this may be a subscription offer, what better way to get customers…as long as it’s the truth…

now a bit of ‘fiction’ pulled from dreams?…heh…

(treburn shivered a bit and wrapped his ‘snuggie’ tighter, but making sure his gun was accessible…smiling half to himself, half because he is a watcher. (Watchers are ones posted on the walls around a city looking to sound the alarm at the first signs of domestic or outside trouble). Luckily, it was shift change and he was ready to get home. He had a feeling, however, that he should go out to the gulf and see what was ‘happening out there’. He jumped on his hoverbike, cranked’er up and let her fly – full speed out of the cities portal.

Sometimes he disliked the job – always seeming to receive the duty no one in their right mind would choose, but then he was reminded of all the faces that, realizing it or not, depended on the network of ‘those who stayed awake’ for the safety of the city. He flew out to the ‘Gulf of Oils’, now ‘offensively’ called by all the natives to the area. And they had a right to be peeved. As he flew out over the gulf he looked down at the oily, gooey colloid…

“Am I the only one that thinks the ariel views of this oil spill looks like blood in its’ color?'” He thought to himself… Then half speaking to no one in particular, “we are in trouble, we are in big trouble if the Lord does not take us out of here, but what about those who remain? Have I done all that I can for them?” Sadly looking back down at the sea and watching the departing sun’s rays reflect off the ever spreading ‘mire’, he mumbled, “no”. He looked up and noticed the sun was going down. Just then the news had mentioned an interesting atmospheric anomaly due to arrive in the next few days or weeks that would appear to make sun set twice. That was enough info, he switched off the radio and slammed his hover bike into a ‘full speed ahead’ star trek-warp-to- infinity- maneuver seeming to pull his cheeks to his ears.

Bolstering the courage to press on towards getting to where the The New Jerusalem, the intergalactic cruiser, was stationed just outside the Milky Way Galaxy, he promised the Lord, himself and everyone else he came in contact with, to redeem the time he did have left left. A solemn expression began to grow on his face as his hover bike shot across the darkening sky towards the ‘cities of the dead’, known as Babylon 4….


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