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Rock,Sword and Shield

23 May, 2010

I just remembered a childhood song that could have greater meaning today – even as simple as it is…I think we learned it in Sunday School or VBS (Vacation Bible School)- a long, long time ago…(in a galaxy far, far, away? – heh)…Goes like this

He’s my rock , my sword my shield

He’s the hub in the middle of the wheel,

He’s the lily of the Valley,

He’s the bright and morning star.

I don’t care what people may say, I’m gonna love Him any ol’ way

He’s my rock my sword my shield, praise the Lord!

‘Somehow’ this song came rushing back to remembrance standing on our porch, looking at the stars tonight.

Ever since I was little, I can remember looking at them and wondering how big and beautiful the night sky was, sparkling like diamonds…then came electricity and ruined it all…

Just kidding! I’m not that old, heh, but we did move to the edge of the city light’s to see them better…and hearing the hundreds of frogs and other ‘outside woods’ noises…beautiful.

It will pale in comparison to His righteousness, majesty and soon coming kingdom, however.

I still thought it would have been really kewl for the rapture to start this Pentecost weekend, but, I guess, it’s still not quite over yet…but I am not disappointed or anything – remember I wasn’t predicting anything, although some have accused me – and worse – date setting and such.

I’m still trying to grasp why people think and preach against the Rapture – thinking that it is an escape mentality for the church…

I say if there is no rapture, bring it on. I know my God will deliver me, and every believer who puts their FULL trust in Him. (Of course, going camping enough times has taught me not be an idiot (believe me there are some like this) and not prepare for anything either, but the Lord did send out disciples with nothing more than their clothes and a staff, but I think they might have gathered a few things for the road…I just think this was more of an anachronism for traveling light, course I could be wrong and probly am…? Anyone else’s take on this?)

There are also several instances where God DID tell his people to prepare or store up for upcoming ‘events’.

I know, however, that our time will be short here – remember y’all, we’re not TRYING to escape…for God does not give us a Spirit of fear, but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND. The church is going to be ‘stolen away’ as the Jewish wedding custom…The church is looking for ‘her husband and kinsman’ Jesus.

If you get a chance, watch this movie and let the Lord speak to you – it’s the story of Ruth. We have the newer DVD versions but this particular movie version is older, and I liked it for the ‘real feel’ – when people actually had to act…heh. Plus I like old movies anyway 😉

In case you are not familiar with the prophetic in this story…If you see Ruth as ‘the Gentiles/The Church’ (or pre-salvation/post-salvation) , her husband as Jesus (the Lamb – before the cross), her mother-in -law as ‘Israel’, Boaz as Jesus (after the cross) returning to redeem his land and to claim His wife, Ruth, The Church.


Part 2

Part 3

NOTE if you click these over to You Tube, the rest will be there (sorry for not posting them all, but there are 16 parts), WE watched it last night and really enjoyed it – especially b/c the season is close…to be with our Savior forever!

Notice the Idols in the movie – they seem to be like the Giant Owl found in the Bohemian Grove the Satanic leaders of this world worship today- Molech- and they are still doing ‘mock sacrifices’ if not real ones…anyway human sacrifice peeves me off…especially child sacrifice! They better be glad I’m not God!!!! Thats all I got.

Be blessed y’all and keep ‘awake’…Memorial Day would be an ‘interesting day’ too for the church to disappear, or ‘Independance Day’ for that matter…they are both on a Sunday too 😉


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  1. Bernadette permalink
    4 August, 2010 20:23

    [Spotted the following item on the web]

    Jewish Wedding & the Rapture

    If you believe in this connection, Google “End Times Passover blog of August 2.” As you know, many prophecy teachers see connections between the stages of a Hebrew Wedding and the Rapture many are looking for. The above blog has a great in-depth discussion that everyone who is expecting an imminent rapture will enjoy reading! And please tell many others of the same blog. Maranatha!


    • 5 August, 2010 09:21

      Thanks for the info – I’ll check it out…
      The link (to this site/blog) looks as though it DOES NOT SUPPORT A PRE-TRIBULATION STANDPOINT HOWEVER…


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