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Ok IT’s about to happen.?

20 May, 2010

IT? What ‘s IT?

The Rapture, of course. Never in my whole life have I been soo expectant to see Jesus again and to be with Him for evermore! Eat your heart out raven, who’s tap-tap-tappin’ 😉 O death where is thy sting !

For some reason… I just KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW it’s about to happen and I can’t seem to explain it or not talk about it to everyone! But First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHURCH! Pentecost is our birthday to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I guess that would be HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HOLY SPIRIT!!! as well.

I’m sure that it gets irritating to some – even my own family.

Most other people give that, excuse me for saying so, tired old verse – ‘no one knows knows the day or the hour’ – as if to tell me to, ‘shut up and stop looking, oh, and stop studying prophecy, cause no one can understand it…beside I like my life here, I’ve got ‘big plans’,etc…

BALONEY. Its a ‘food’ you probly shouldn’t eat…

Face it, my ‘peeps’. Time is up! The Church Age is over and we are going into the last 7 years of the 70 weeks of years prophesied by Daniel, that abruptly stopped when Jesus was crucified, died and rose again, and ascended into heaven (I wonder if God uses tractor beams… 😉 ) The last 7 years of Israel’s punishment for rejecting Jesus are about to start up again – as soon as we ‘make like a banana and split’.

We had our chance – over 2000 years. The focus of God is moving back to His wife – Israel. Jesus is about to ‘steal away’ His bride to be readied for the wedding.

Throught the scriptures there are three ‘bodies’ of people – Jews, Gentiles, and The Church (having both – as a New Creature). God only had His attention on one at a time, for the most part. The Jews have been suffering this whole time, because they rejected Jesus when he ‘stopped by’ the first time. After He saves them from certain looming destruction [SEE HERE], they finally will finish THE temple and return to God as a Nation….

BUT now…

  1. Temple reconstruction has begun. The training has begun for all the priests. The sacred objects are made. [SEE HERE]
  2. There was a 100,000 march in Jerusalem recently. [SEE POST HERE] – specifically , [this article] I believe this is part of the 144,000 in Revelations.
  3. Then we have this. [Read Here] or, here is an overview of the article:

Jewish men and women in Jerusalem and around the world spent all night studying the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, in honor of the day that traditionally the Lord gave the Torah, the Law, to Moses at Mt. Sinai in the wilderness of Egypt.

The practice of Jewish people learning all night long is a custom rather than a commandment and they say it is the express of one’s desire to draw closer to God as they celebrate the Jewish feast day of Shavuot, the Feast of Pentecost.

Heh, I’m not Jewish , but I tried to do this too. I found myself awaking at my desk around 3am – failed! 😉 Thank God for His grace and ability to know men’s hearts.

But many,many, many believers are already saying this is the year, there simply is no more time. ‘The full number of the gentiles has finally come in’

As one believer says:


May 18th. 2010 “THE YEAR” of our Lord.

I won’t take much of your time…As stressful and exciting as this is, I will take a stand. Let me say unequivocally due to looking at these time frames regarding the Jubilees, Daniel 9:27, the various counts, etc. The way all these historical, recent, and current events fit, even overlap perfectly, and align with the obvious Jubilees…From a statistical probability point of view, The only way for this not to be the time is if the Lord/Father has suddenly changed the schedule. He doesn’t change.

It’s a NO BRAINER folks. It is mathematically impossible for this not to be the year. And NOBODY has “figured it out” It has been “REVEALED” to us because “IT’S TIME”

And please consider, “EVERY” dispensation in history has changed at Pentecost, …do you think this one is going to be any different???

So…if we can be “certain” of the year (when the trib.begins) (I AM), then we can know the Church has to be removed by Pentecost because that’s when the dispensation of grace ends. (Not to mention the other meanings attaching the Church to Ruth/ Pentecost/harvest/etc.)

The “Days of Noah” parable(s) describe a “business as usual” scenario when this all goes down…Today’s news, if you’re looking closely demonstrates clearly that the last bastions (those who still have business as usual) are about to fold.

Chronologically we “DON’T HAVE” another year. The margin and/or variable where JR Church and Gary Stearman could end an excellent article with “if not this year, maybe next” is gone, it has been used up by the passing of time, and the emergence of “nations in distress, with perplexity” The end comes “suddenly”…but we will not be surprised “if we watch”…

This looming war in the middle east (Psalm 83) is going to begin any day now. The same war is mentioned in Zechariah where we are told we will be “hidden” before it begins…This war is going to be nuclear…do you think for one second that it will be “business as usual” here, or anywhere in the world, after that…???

One of my gifts is demographics, another is understanding momentum…those two things work perfectly together to determine when something is about to happen.

I have studied, watched and been disappointed (deeply) many times (30… Still…. as I would say to my brother David…”There will come a time, when it simply is time”

The Lord could not make it any easier…

And another:

I was rereading Psalm 83 Sun. night. I noticed the “hidden ones” were right at the beginning of the chapter. These “hidden ones” were already gone and it seems the powers that be were counseling and consulting with one another to come up with an explanation for where they were and why they left. Not for themselves, but for the masses left behind in the chaos. They knew there was going to have to be an explanation.
Speaking of chaos, this will be the perfect time to go down and cut off the jews from being a nation. I personally believe that this will be the very first thing that happens after we leave. More than likely within the first week. God will of course fight for Israel, defeat her enemies, and then the antichrist will step in to guarantee her safety from there. And even after having witnessed the God of Israel stepping in, the Jews will still “demand a king”. They never learn. But they will.
I praise God that time has finally run its course and we can no longer say”maybe next year”, but instead, maybe this weekend.

God bless you

‘Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses’…(and my spirit ‘feels’ this anticipation). Does yours?

Pentecost Sabbath is this weekend – heh this may even be our last post – as well as all the brothers and sisters out there. {Side thought: I hope the Lord will bring our Rottie pup. I think she’s saved – I preach to her enough, and she’s a good dog 😉 }

Hey, if it’s not this weekend, then the next ‘weird event’ is that planetary alignment thingy this Summer – [SEE OUR POST HERE].

I don’t think it would be Rosh Hashannah, Atonement or Tabernacles as I believe that’s for Israel in 7 years perhaps…

We pretty much feel that MR. ‘O’ is the antichrist, but he is waiting for the best time for disclosure…for more than one thing I’m sure.

And that can’t happen because The Holy Spirit is still here…’till this sabbath perhaps? His birthday (and ours). What a great gift Jesus has given to us. All we need to do is accept it. I pray those in the balance will decide between now and then.

Or maybe I’m just crazy….

treburn begins to jump up and down shouting, ‘Hallelujah’ at the top of his voice, flapping his arms around…’just practicing’ he says to the startled onlookers…


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