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‘Targeting’ has begun?

17 May, 2010


In case you are not familiar with this organization, and if you value information more than gold, perhaps this would be a good organization to support.

I have been aware of them for about 6-8 months now, following at a distance – surveying the scene – and have been getting info that you WILL not get ANYWHERE else.

A lot of it will REALLY open your eyes to what is happening behind the scenes b/c government sanctioned ‘media blackouts’ – ‘dirty commies‘… 😉


The video ‘Collateral Murder’ shown here really tells on our United States military, and what ‘support our troops’ really means…unreal…WARNING! Watching this 17minute plus infrared video it is not for the feint of heart!

I cannot in full conscience support something so hideous as this, especially since MY country is represented falsely here IMHO. I realize that there is more going on than even what this video portrays. I also understand in warfare, there are things done out of necessity for survival, but…I really feel for these ‘brave soldiers’ (to me seem like cowards) and that their conscience has been seared and hardened this way…products of ‘lots of destruction’ video games I’m sure..

Anyway, please pray for these brave individuals that are facing real life threatening situations due to their willingness to present the REAL TRUTH, suffer and die for the name of Jesus, and who fight for our personal freedoms not just liberties (which suggests an UN-liberty)!


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