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Get Ready…Get set….

13 May, 2010

OK , first I want to apologize for getting a bit heated yesterday about a few things, and ‘popping off’, so…I apologize to anyone ‘personally’ offended about any remarks I made in my post – More Regulation? Don’t be a Sucker…my remarks were not directed to any particular individual, but rather ‘the collective’ that seems to be behind this. That being said I personally don’t care if I offend because truth is spoken. As the late Bill Maxwell said, ‘The truth ALWAYS makes someone mad’…

Ok , next up…a few headlines:

Lieberman warns of new ‘axis of evil’

How UK foreign policy will shape under its coalition

The European Commission wants EU countries to co-ordinate plans for national budgets in a move to strengthen financial co-operation

In honor of Jerusalem Day, MKs get to dig into past

Record-Setting 100,000 March in Jerusalem ‘Rikudgalim Video

Police estimated the number of participants in the annual Rikudgalim march through Jerusalem at 100,000 – the largest number ever to participate in the parade.

Wow, could these be some of, if not most of the 144,000 about to be sealed by the angels in Rev 7??? It is AMAZING that these headlines point us into Revelations 4 and seem to be setting up for chapters 13, and 14 – culminating in 2017/18 with Jesus’ return?!

K, I’m going ta bed, I think I’m delirious.

‘Nite bros and sista’s – or good morning rather,,,


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