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MORE regulation???Don’t be a Sucker…

12 May, 2010

Heh, as if the oil ‘crisis’ isn’t enough, Mr. ‘we didn’t appoint you ‘ Salazar, has commented that his agency is trying to break up the oil tycoons – er.. regulators, quality control etc. so that there will be more government oversight – (probly more rigs to blow up too)… Here’s the first paragraph:

Interior Department Announces Reforms to Enhance Oil and Gas Oversight

As part of an ongoing agenda to change the way the Department of the Interior does business, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced a set of reforms that will provide federal inspectors more tools, more resources, more independence, and greater authority to enforce laws and regulations that apply to oil and gas companies operating on the Outer Continental Shelf (emphasis mine). Salazar has also enlisted the National Academy of Engineering to provide a set of fresh eyes on the issues surrounding the Deepwater Horizon incident and an independent, science-based understanding of what happened…


Forgive me, my indignation is rising…. (treburn, slowly walks to the soapbox, steps up, clears, his throat…) but c’mon, how ‘smart’ are the people running this country? In fact, how smart are we, for letting them take the reigns of this ‘run-away stage coach’ we call America? If we need ‘a set of fresh eyes on the issues surrounding the Deepwater Horizon incident and an independent, science-based understanding of what happened…’, there are some SUPREME IDIOTS AT THE TOP LEVEL….

More of anything in government has never been the answer – except for a communist/socialist/Marxist country. History provides us with some clues…

I read somewhere to learn is to remember, but it seems like we’ve all forgot… I have trouble with the persons with the signs, but I feel the need to make my own. There was peace in Her before, but that was yesterday….Kings X – Legal Kill

If, We The People, let these ‘dummies’ continue to ruin our country, or the earth for that matter, than we deserve it. Shame on us! America was founded by Christians – not in 1776- – that was when the Freemasons/Illuminati/Luciferian/Sun worshiper/Hellfire Club began their takeover. It was Founded before that – think Protestants/Puritans and Pilgrims came over…as well as the Spanish Catholic influence with Amerigo Vespucci and Columbus…

Christians are not supposed to be weak-kneed, mammy-pamby, milk drinkers – even if some are. Jesus died and rose again for us so that we can OVERCOME mountains and have them ‘cast into the sea’ in His name…feel any blood pumping yet? If you don’t ,………WAKE UP!!! God wants us to be victorious! This does not mean that you force others to comply with what you believe, but Christians operate in love and mercy – the same we have been shown by God Almighty. The parable of ‘the wicked servant’ comes to mind here…

No wonder it’s getting harder and harder to witness. Not because of more evil, b/c greater is HE that is IN YOU than he that is in the world, but because the STRONG CHRISTIAN role models went bye-bye shortly after Jesus’ going up to make ready the house…(or they are far and few between now – misunderstanding love,humility,meekness probably.)

Ya know that movie “Eagle Eye”? (movie spoiler alert!) Who was the hero? It certainly wasn’t the ‘actors’…”We The People” got shut down..

Violence not the answer, however.

FIRE THEM. SUE THEM! Send THEM to jail…whatev.

Mr ‘O’ isn’t a LEGAL president (proven – but no one does anything about it) – except maybe to the Corporation of America – the commercial entity…the same people (those massive crowds worshiping his name during elections) that use the words ‘democracy’ and ‘unanimous’ describing Mr.O’s ability to be president forgot the LEGAL qualifications…

So….legally, he can’t change laws or write them for the country. Everyone he appoints is not legal therefore, as well as their secretaries (Congress and Senate too), enforcers (hired guns – military complex), etc. down the line to the bottom.

Use the legal system they used and provided for us. Perhaps there are few good people left in the system fighting it daily…who won’t be bribed, or intimidated.

The message for the day – DON’T BE A SUCKER. PRAY!

(treburn, quietly leaves the soapbox after saying…)

Now, for the good stuff…here are some songs we are gonna be playing tonight for worship…live your life as Holy worship to the Lord!



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