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Fear the Lord, not what is coming…

11 May, 2010

A biblical analysis of upcoming catastrophies compared to REAL science opposed to Pseudo steaming toro pile science = Al Gore and his cronies…global warming hmmmm.

This radio interview IS worth listening to. 2012, end of the world, what is really happening…yeah that stuff of course 😉

Please pass this interview along as best you can. The truth needs to be known – if this is true, and WE know that this has been prophecied, even promised by the Lord, ( this interviewee is a ‘post tribber’ – which isn’t as much of an issue to me as much as pleasing the Lord and fulfilling what I’ve been called to do)…the info is still good…

I say look more closely at the two ‘best recommended’ churches – not reprimanded from the Lord for ‘sins’, and given new names (taking the name of the groom?) in Revelations – Smyrna and Philidelphia. All the rest of the ‘church’ are here to ‘be purified’ -or left through the Tribulation, even though there are a few in each church, taken…the ones that repent of these listed sins (probly others too).

Smyrna is appointed to suffer a little – even to death. This church is represents all of the church that has gone through persecution or is being persecuted now, IMHO…

Philidelphia, however is to be “kept from’ the hour of temptation that comes upon all of the inhabitants of the earth…”, and is THE only church to go into and stay in the New Jerusalem – the ‘bride’s new house’ as it is…representing the rest of the church that continues to seek Him daily first and foremost, alive when ‘the restrainer’ has been removed so the main of sin can be revealed…but let God be truth.

I believe that if the church would get her act together, things would go quicker. Either way tho, rough or not, I AM going to heaven 🙂 Thank you Jesus for your blood for my sins, forgiving me for the evils I have done. Help me to forgive others as freely as you have forgiven me.

Just praying,watching,waiting, working patiently and looking up 🙂


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