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Oil and the Spirit

6 May, 2010

Hmmm, the Holy Spirit has likened the oil situation in the Gulf of Mexico:

He said, “Do you find it interesting that as you see the decline of America so you ‘see’ the oil (anointing) leaving America, it is lost (as in the oil disaster). What once was desired by ALL men, now becomes a poison to the world…As you see the anointing ‘leaving America you will begin to see it rise in Israel…They just found a BUNCH of natural resources, oil being one…. So you will see me (the Holy Spirit still talking) also become a ‘poison’ to all men who don’t believe in me and reject me.”

…I’ve got nothing to say after that… but to just watch and pray y’all…they are trying to take that from us today – the NATIONAL day of PRAYER…


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  1. 6 December, 2010 15:26

    Thanks because of this! I’ve been searching all above the web for that facts.


    • 8 December, 2010 10:51

      Praise God and thank you. Glad you enjoy reading!


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