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Soon and very soon were going to meet the King.

5 May, 2010

Today is Wednesday. Not much happening here but we are, as a community, bracing for the LA. oil spill ‘disaster’. And getting over a VERY rainy few days.

From what I can see, everything about this ‘oil disaster’ is aimed at DESTROYING what small economy is eeked out, there in the southeast. Fortunately, you have to be a bit strong to be a resident there…I mean a real resident.

One of the ways for financial ‘repurcussions’ there in the south – one – for not going along with some of that ‘Steaming Toro Pile’ legislation coming out of the Washington, D.C. stables – two, is the possible rerouting of shipping lanes (Mississippi and Gulf) – (‘bet some haven’t thought of this)?

….This would cause food spoilage, perhaps, even higher shipping prices – also higher gas prices. Can You imagine BP, after all the coming litigation and lawsuits are over, saying, “… well now gas HAS to be twenty dollars a gallon, after your law suits and mandatory rig inspections…” 😉 – I hope this won’t be the case….but….

For the location, however, you have to take the good with the bad.

Oil drilling may be necessary, but it shouldn’t be done offshore. Besides, there are MANY ways to overcome the coming oil shortage and need for it.

Its up to us, to figure out how to adapt. We will trust in God and He will deliver us. As we return our trust in the Lord, He will renew His vows to us – which are YES and Amen! See all of you soon – either for Pentecost or Trumpets 😉


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  1. 5 May, 2010 16:22

    Well said Great information, keep up the great work!


    • 6 May, 2010 11:58

      Be blessed in your family and in all the good you are doing!


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