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The Hour has come…the last 42 years

23 April, 2010

If you are familiar with the scripture a day with the Lord is as a thousand years…

Well I was meditating on this – especially about the 7 years of tribulation – and I thought, ” I wonder how many hours of a day with the Lord this would be….” for no apparent reason.

Well I found this to be interesting that one hour is about 42 years which is when I came across this video:

– funny how the Lord has been directing me, day to day not planning what to write or continue but always starting with a prayer…something like…

“Thank you Lord for today. Thank you for helping me and using me to make this day better than yesterday as I remain in your will. Help me to do your will today and not my own. Thank you for using these posts to help at least ONE person so they can be with you forever too.What do you want me to post, if anything today?”

Or something similar…as it changes daily…it’s not a program 🙂 and I am talking to a real live person…

The ULTIMATE prayer that just about covers everything is what Jesus taught the disciples to pray (remember to be as a child as it’s easier to enter heaven this way ;):

Be in prayer always, but part of that praying (talking to God) needs to be LISTENING for HIS voice. After all, too many times we end up praying a one-way conversation, babbling on what we want, how HE can do this or that for us, like the genie in Aladdin or something…distracted by the ‘needs’, wants and desires – lusts even – of the natural life…

No, prayer is talking – a conversation – listening is half of a conversation. Sometimes listening for days – developing those ‘patience muscles’, in turn developing faith, which even the smallest amount can move mountains, raise the dead, walk on water, heal the sick, set free the captive and broken hearted…even to travel at the speed of thought (as Phillip was translated)…

Timing is SOOO important to God. This is why His will should remain at the forefront of what we do daily. Timing is important to God that even the planets and stars line up to create awesome signs in the heavens and on the earth for certain prophetic events. Timing is important to God in that HE let us know what signs to be looking for so that we as watchmen on the wall will sound the alarm to wake everyone up at the right time!

The time has come, yes, we are in the final hour….WAKE UP AND REJOICE! Our Redeemer is near!


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