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27 days and counting?…wow

22 April, 2010

Well, the title was to get your attention, more than being ‘factual’, but there is an interesting case that Cindybythesea (on blogroll) presented Apr 11 here….

…Where this link is featured….

Make sure to look down to the Featured Episode under the green header …April 9th- not the ‘normal’ player found to the right (on my computer).

If this is true, then The Feast of Pentecost, this year will be when the rapture takes place in May???!!! The introduction of the Holy Spirirt to the Church would also mark the leaving of the Holy Spirit perhaps? That sounds like the way God works – His precision and Majesty!

If you are not sure what the Feasts of God are, then maybe this video could help?

Or Trumpets specifically – Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

I’m not Jewish but this study is interesting. I DO believe in Jesus and will be keeping this time between May and September 19th(Feast of Trumpets ends – Yom Kipper) open…my (and my families) personal watching,praying, trembling time….if nothing happens, well we will still be watching for our Lord’s return 🙂 b/c we KNOW its soon regardless…

Back to the point of this post, November 2010 will be the start of the tribulation, according to Mr. Coeper’s special guest Craig McClain; who discusses ”God’s Algorithm” – prophetic time lines and convergences – world events pointing toward the Revelation of Jesus Christ. This program discusses how current cultural trends, spiritual deterioration, political activities and climate changes map to events and activities prophesied in the Bible.

If you have some time, this is a very compelling listen, and reason to ‘look up’ with bended knee, during this time period. Here is a link to Feast Schedule for Pentecost – May 18th – May 19th… this year 2010….WOW! This would be THE BEST ‘birthday’ present the body of believers called the Church, could get!

To always be in His presence, praising His name for what He did for us :)…

We NEED to go ‘FISHING’ too Cindy. Thanks for that post!


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