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Blood and Lightning…

19 April, 2010

While I was meditating on the scriptures found in 1 Cor. 15:50-56 that “flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”…the other day, I was thinking about what this would mean to us as believers in Jesus – living in the ‘natural state’, our bodies as is.

And lo, I hadst a vision of …just kidding, but the analogy of lightning coming from the throne of God, how God’s energy cannot be viewed or else man will die, how angels seemed to radiate energy and Jesus’ transfiguration…I can get all all the scripture on this,but I’m pretty sure you’re pretty savvy….

and blood – and ALL the symbolism that entails, spiritually and naturally….but in this case naturally. Knowing that the natural cannot be spirit and vice versa, blood, in the medical field, is considered ‘plasma’ typically. It is made into plasma by man, whereas when we are ‘raptured’, perhaps our ‘lower’ form of plasma gets ‘upgraded’ to the higher state of plasma – lightning – by God, not man!

This could also explain why before Adam and Eve sinned they were clothed with the Glory of God – they didn’t need clothes – because their blood was still at the higher state, in the IMAGE of GOD – who radiates energy (glory) or lightning!

Or maybe something was in my water… 😉

Well it was a thought anyway…or was it? hmmm……..


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