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Native American Prophecies, Water, and the Spirit World?

13 April, 2010

I would like to throw these videos out for your info and enjoyment. If you have the time to watch these – I suggest over lunch (or popcorn – as it is a staple food for native americans) 🙂

Were Native Americans as ‘heathen savages’ as portrayed by Europeans settlers “Christians” at the time, or were there things that European ancestors just didn’t care to associate or understand the two beliefs almost working together side by side?

I think it would be more of the latter – in fact our now endangered Constitution was ‘borrowed’ heavily from The Iroquois Confederation Constitution – HERE – One of native America’s oldest running ‘modern’ democratic societies. We give our european ancestors too much credit….I have ’em too 🙂 (but I am also native Seneca too).

Watch under protection looking more for the relationships as well as the differences with Christianity of the Bible – not necessarily of today.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Also see the Native American 10 Commandments. Very interesting similarities. Be careful of new age beliefs though – (wear that ‘armor‘ Christian) 🙂

N.A. 10 C

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  1. tenashannondoah permalink
    29 April, 2010 02:05

    this is not the hopi,mayan prophecys/ this is false, you are scaring people my friend go to enjoy


    • 29 April, 2010 11:38

      Thank you for that input and link. I will look into this as fear is not what I am trying to produce, but truth. These were just videos I had to see in a folder I have been putting together if info for these last days 😉


    • 4 May, 2010 10:29

      I did change the name on the title as to no misinform as well 🙂



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