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To Pre, or not to Pre…part duex

7 April, 2010

Thanks ya’ll for comments and they are helping my faith and I’m sure will others’ as well. Comments also allow for practice in humility, understanding and accountability.

This is kinda a part 2 but, more of a ending to that last ultra long part 1.

I probably need to clear things up on that last post, as it seems that the thought of guns and God are not compatible. Outrageous!

First and foremost, God is our source. From Him comes everything that we could possibly need – or even want. It has all been given freely to us, so freely we should give. We are to love those that hate us, pray for those who spitefully abuse us – for His name’s sake. Forgive those that sin against us so we can be forgiven. Prayer is one of, if not, the most important tools/weapons we have as believers. The prayers of a righteous man avails much…

That being said, guns are also tools. Like hammers, chopsticks (and money for that matter). If guns are ‘bad’, then where does the line get drawn?

Martial arts must be bad too. I guess we should be able to allow punches and kicks to our bodies, not block or avoid them? One still don’t have to fight, but one doesn’t have to get ‘hurt’ either. Since Jesus already did that for us – completing the circle, then why do we need to CONTINUE to let this happen?

I guess we should also dispose of our military,police, 911 calls, criminal investigation teams and destroy all their guns too, and allow the Islamists and their ‘head-choppin’ ways’ (they do this to their own children if they get saved) into America to take it over…

I guess we should just allow thieves to come into our homes, rape woman and daughters, pack out with all our hard earned supplies and goods leaving those Christ loving, peaceable people (possibly) dead on the floor? Where does God get glory here? That they died nobly without even so much as saying no? Perhaps. I ask for forgiveness to any who may believe differently, but I believe that since God instituted the family as well we are responsible for that (if we have one), first and foremost. No humanism can make me believe differently.

Guns are tools for survival. They are tools designed (to kill) for efficient and humane food gathering/defense. For survival.

A hammer, or a chopstick for that matter, can be a tool for the purpose listed above, but I think a gun just works better – unless, as a ninja, one could be effective with a hammer and chopsticks:).

It really depends on who’s using that tool as to how ‘bad’ it is, right? The user of said tool can be saved (a believer in Jesus) or not. Money is a very powerful tool – look at what it subtly CAN MAKE PEOPLE do (with guns much worse)…one has to serve God OR riches, not both. Seems like love of money is more evil than guns. Just because one has a gun, doesn’t mean one should use it…but,

I would rather have someone who is saved holding a gun pointed at me (if it ever came to that), than to have a pagan sinner filled with evil holding one at me. Yes, God is greater, and with the authority in Jesus name we have been given the power to cast evil (the devil) out. No gun necessary. The name of Jesus and His blood conquers all…person saved…in an ideal world – not dealing with free will of someone who wants to sin….

A believer who has accepted Jesus will have ‘the restrainer ‘ (Holy Spirit) sealed inside of him until the rapture. He/She may show more restraint and control (over said tool) than an unsaved person…this would equal more lives ‘saved’ from the first death. But having that bit of back up…well just ask any saved police officer to go to his job next time just believing in the name of Jesus – leaving his gun, taser and pepper spray, handcuffs and baton. See what reaction you get out of that ‘believer’…

This (above) is what I should have said in the previous post instead of:

Guns and Ammo are good things in the hands of good people..

Yeah that could cause confusion. Sorry bout’ that. I’m not here to cause confusion (confusion is not of God) but to try to help as best I know from scripture, as it is the most reliable guidebook for this life.

I also wanted to make clear that I am not worried about upcoming events as I rest in Jesus’ protection daily. I do believe that there is a seperate distinction made between The Church, The Saints, and The Elect mentioned in Revelations (this link goes to prophecy, but they’re Q&A’s on The Rapture as well) – this site,among others,has REALLY helped my faith almost daily:

I do want to make a point that He doesn’t want us to be weak, pudgy, lackluster, solemn, or powerless or uninformed – that is how we perish. Rather we are to have as our outer garment LOVE, followed by the Armor of God.

God did and does make provisions for his Church. Remember, That HE is coming back to RULE and to REIGN with a Rod of Iron…as a KING, with an ARMY! He WILL NOT be back like the meek, mild, passive, loving Shepherd we ALL were taught in Sunday School!

He EXUDES POWER in the form of love to those who are His. He will RADIATE POWER of RIGHTEOUSNESS to those who are not – that makes ALL men fall to their faces as dead. I have seen him this way in a dream in 2002 and I wept myself awake at His glory, power and majesty. I too fell on my face as dead (in the dream until He picked me up) and I was ‘back in my bed’ – BAWLING my head off – which is another reason I woke up 🙂

The world will finally see Jesus as he REALLY is and will all agree that HE is God. Maybe I will elaborate on this ‘recent’ dream (and the first one I had when 10 or 11) in the next post – God willing.

The Church needs to realize this and start waking and working together (if not already) hand-in-hand with the power (given us by God) and His perfect love working through us (that casts out all fear), for souls; not votes, or positions, or wealth, or power. We are more than over-comers through Christ that strengthens us!

Thanks to all y’all bro’s and sista’s out there making a difference in this world for His kingdom to come down here to earth. Keep up those prayers, and comments it really helps…and walk in love. Our Redeemer draws near!


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