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UFO’s mostly man made? Build your own?

6 April, 2010

This post is just for fun. I found this article a while ago not sure when but within these past three years or so, as I have been studying about what is really going on around this world instead of what appears to be ‘life’ as usual…

Ok, ok already…” you may say, ‘what’s that have to do with the title?”…if you got that far.

Here goes. It seems that this technology has been around for awhile, it’s just that there are those who’ve funded this research, and taken it to the fullest potential…all secretly done, thereby maintaining ‘quality control’.

This isn’t my research, just sharing what I have found 🙂How UFOs Work;Teslas_Flying_Machine.

BTW – if YOU happen to make one – I’ll take a test trip with ya:) – I’m still working on the monopole gene’ idea 🙂

The Return of the King is Near!


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