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Clean Pure Water? Cool water filter system.

25 March, 2010

As I was praying today (about why the Lord had me get up so early today, to be honest), I felt Him directing me towards requirements of life – the REAL ones – first Him, then Clean Pure air. Clean Pure water. Nutritious food. Shelter (this includes clothing too). Mainly though it’s water.

1. Water is a requirement of ALL LIFE in one way or another for starters…it was good enough to just start on.

I guess that’s why we dumped billions of $$ into the ‘space’ program. They were looking for life out there right? ‘News’ media all excited…” oh there’s water on the moon and other planets”…

Now, about earth.

I know as believers in Christ Jesus we are now not of this earth anymore, but called to be with him…in the heavens (that’s every ‘nerdy Trekkie fan’s dream it seems), but I also believe that we were originally here to be a GOOD steward over it; caretakers.

From what I’ve seen, is that those who have placed themselves in ‘power’ over us – ‘elected’ or otherwise – have a flagrant disregard for the earth, resources, others on it – even themselves is a weird way as some call it ‘Karma’ or ‘Sowing and Reaping’, the principle seems to be the same:

“Do for others the same way you would like to receive” or something similar right? MT7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. (sorry bout the red color – Jesus said it:)

What I see is, not a trend towards not ‘global warming’ really (that’s a ‘scam’ to make money anyways – there may be a general warming of the earth but it has little to do with us, just gotta’ look farther back than just the last 100 years of ‘research’), but actually our drinking water supplies are really the issue and are in jeopardy…

1.clean air too, but in a sense, ‘air’ is a type of water just a LOT less viscous) – an ‘example’ of what I mean:

2.The Air Force/Navy cohorting together for a while now for ‘control’ (for peaceful purposes I ‘m told) of water (covers most of the globe and under it…), sky, and space. Yeah that’s no secret. Those chemtrails’ are for 3-D imaging/projection and radar surveillance. The particles in the trails, make for great radar imaging, just ‘happen’ to be extremely toxic (Barium Nitrate is a major component – used also in holographic projection r/d – 3D HDTV coming soon!

So anyways…Don’t misunderstand me please. I am for a strong national defense. Many of my family has served in our military. But I believe that private corporations (and thereby ‘interests’) ‘run’ the show now. Any historian can look back 100 years and see what has happened. It’s not rocket science…or is it? 😉

I think, looking back now, this is why God spoke to me prophetically several times in several unrelated instances to NOT join the military in 1990/91 – b/c I wanted to use my Photography ‘skills’ for Air Force originally for a ‘job’/career.

Anyway…back to clean pure water… I saw this filter about a year ago when it was first introduced:

We bought two but haven’t tried them out yet because we just received them a few days ago, but it’s a great idea IMHO!

I think to finish off the water ‘quality’ though, we will use reverse osmosis and ultraviolet treatment too – see:

solar/battery power would make this a practically bulletproof solution (provided all electronics are shielded from EM pulses).

Heh, the artist/hacker/backyard science guy in me wonders if just a regular UV bulbs/fixtures found at larger gerneral stores such as Walmart and Target, etc. would carry these for a lot less…essentially water running through a closed loop system until needed and or stored, running through a clear tube exposing the water system to a couple of 4′ bulbs, and a homemade enclosure, coupled with a magnetic vortex perhaps?:

around the ‘IN’ line….then bottle CLEAN water in my ‘trash/recycle’ glass bottles instead of plastic.

I do some zymurgy from time to time (brewing) and such – got a $3 bottle capper a long time ago and caps can be had for around $3 for a gross(144)…now that may be something . (I’m told not to re-use sterilized bottle caps because they don’t seal well).

Hacker by-law 37 article 4 section 35 “It has to be free (or at least inexpensive) for experiments.” Just kidding 🙂

Drop a comment if any of you have thought of trying (or already doing) this water treatment. I’d like to know your results:)

Scripture that come to mind:

John 13:34-35 A new commandment I give to you that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you may also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.

Matt. 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits.

In fact take a look at the whole chapter here (NIV – but other versions available too):

when you get a chance maybe there’s more God will show you – I’m sure there is!

Be blessed as you bless; grace and peace to you and yours,


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