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2010 Census…to provide what?

24 March, 2010

After this atrocious Health(Death)care bill passed Monday, I had my head in my hands praying about what to do next. So as I came to do another post, I noticed a note that my honey left a note for me before she went to work…about the 2010 census.

So after investigating this, as we ALL should do – just to refresh memories (because lots of us,including myself) are programmed to ‘fall’ back to sleep concerning corporate America and our lives, (probably due to fluoride in our water supply rendering us passive captives, and low nutrient/radiated/chemically/genetically modified food consumption), after being stirred by a ‘fire alarm in the middle of the night’, i.e the bill.

So after seeing how OUR elected officials railroaded this legislation through Congress, without any regard as to what was happening inside and on the front lawn all night Sunday…it kinda makes me want to not ‘play fair’ either.

research – ‘Kill the Bill’,health care, demonstrations on White House lawn, etc.

Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand what I am saying – even implying. But when I see legislation passed that turns our president and elected officials into common, albeit sneaky, criminals (probably mafia based/funded to begin with – follow correlation to CIA,NSA, even the FBI to an extent and the mafia ‘ties’ during prohibition…maybe you’ll finally wake up for good). Here’s a quote that just flashed before my mind, from way back, and not realizing at the time but now looking back I see how remarkably prophetic this line is for today:

“I read somewhere to learn is to remember. And I’ve learned we all forgot. There was peace in her before, but that was yesterday…it’s a legal kill”Kings X, Faith,Hope,Love, (1990) :

In case you haven’t heard this I suggest listening to it! –

if you don’t want to pay for it I’ll show the lyrics here:

“only know what i believe
the rest is so absurd to me
i close my eyes so i cant see
but the picture just gets clearer everyday
i read somewhere to learn is to remember
and ive learned we all forgot
there was peace in her before
but that was yesterday
but i can see the beauty that is here for me
the chance to live and walk free
from a legal kill
i know your side so very well
it makes no sense that i can tell
the smell of hell is what i smell
and you hand it out with handshakes everyday
i have trouble with the persons with the signs
but i feel the need to make my own
yes there are two ways to be
and truth does not depend on me
but i can feel the fight for life is always real
i cant believe its no big deal
its a legal kill  ”

The song was touching on abortion, as I saw it at the time, and it’s very interesting to see how this relates to the ‘deathcare bill’ and federally funded – even partial birth abortions now. I also see now that there was more to this song than what I had thought originally! Praise God for his revealing truth!

This also was one of the first moves by Mr O. as he was ‘shoved’ (where’s that OFFICIAL birth certificate again?) into office – giving abortion support and funds for it to other nations – esp. China. DO the research if you don’t know what I mean – the truth will not be accepted until it is sought after…”…unless I put my hands in the holes…..”I recall a certain disciple saying:)

Enough about this rant. here is some info I pinched off an article for your reading pleasure:

“According to Robert Groves, U.S. Census Bureau Director, results “will be used to help each community get its fair share of government funds.” However, it actually represents an enormous and costly intrusion into the lives of individuals.

The Constitution

It would be imprudent not to mention that an “enumeration” of the population is authorized by the constitution in article I, section 2. But this head count was specifically enacted for the purposes of representation, not wealth redistribution. Actually, the constitution provides for a maximum representation of one representative to every 30,000 people. However, the intent was to provide for a growing representation as the population grew. Currently, the ratio is closer to one for every 700,000 – arguably much further removed than the founders ever intended.

Non-participation and risks

For many who love freedom and abhor the steady encroachment of the State, non-participation has become a likely option. But there are a few things to consider first. Each person must make a decision based on their own convictions and risk tolerance.

The moral question – A Christian should consider what duty they owe to the secular government. Romans 13 contains the quintessential passage for obedience to “the powers that be.” This article will not address that question, although a future article may. But most Christians would agree that there is a line which, when crossed by the secular powers, liberates the people from any additional submission. It should be obvious that the Revolutionaries thought as much. There is no easy answer to this. Each individual must decide this for themselves. As Paul said to the Philippians, “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

The penalty – If the government pressed the issue, the penalty for non-compliance could be up to $5,000. There is no provision for imprisonment. A summary of this is located at the census website. These provisions are detailed in Title 13 Section 221 and Title 18 Sections 3571 and 3559.

It is important to understand that the penalty could be higher if the individual knowingly gives false information with the intent to deceive. The above penalties are for strict non-participation. It should also be noted that there is little evidence that non-participants have ever actually received this fine.”

I realize that this is dealing with Oklahoma and not from MY PARTICULAR state, but we can see here that there is DEFINITELY more going on under the surface than is being revealed to the general public. Plus further research down this road will inevitably demonstrate these trends.

So will we participate? Probably, because we have more at stake – family and such. Cooperation, but only on our terms, since that is the trend all the way up to the head of states. They seem to forget THEY work for US – don’t you forget that too!

We will provide info up to the extent we are held under The Constitution – how many people are in our house- for the sake of representation not financial redistribution, population control or any other ‘measure of security’ passed for ‘our behalf’.

There will be no names, salaries, SS#’s, racial backgrounds etc.

We will ALSO NOT provide ANY info about our neighbors – out of respect for them and their privacy. No matter how many Census reps may come to the door :). If they choose not to participate, so be it.

I love my country dearly and all those who have sacrificed all they were, for the image portrayed to them of goodness, freedom and democracy, no matter how fleeting these ideas actually are. They must be guarded continuously. It seems we as an American people have let our guard down. So now, ‘wolves have gotten into the sheep’s pen’.

Please pray for our elected officials, as we are commanded. Unless in that position, no one can actually realize the pressures put on them from all sides. There are many anti-christ’s, not just one main one…and they have ALL infiltrated some level of ALL governments, not just ours.

Where are those shepherds and watchmen to protect the sheep? Did the hireling shepherds/watchmen run off at the first sign of wolves allowing the sheep to fend for themselves?

Well, I for one, am ringing the alarm bell, as one of my commissions, a believer in Jesus. My family and I are eagerly yet patiently waiting for our Lord’s return. Pray for God’s direction in YOUR life as to how HE wants you to live and love today! It is our present that we are to be concerned with. If we don’t do the RIGHT things today, we may not have a choice come tomorrow. Pray without ceasing and rejoice, THE COUNTDOWN has begun!


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  1. 24 March, 2010 12:59

    hmmm. I think you need to see someone about getting some medication.


    • 24 March, 2010 13:36

      Thank you for your insight. May I inquire as to your background?


      • 24 March, 2010 14:28

        sure, it’s posted in my “about” page.
        Some things that aren’t in there that might surprise you…
        I attended seminary for 3 years, I was the public affairs officer for the unit responsible for the largest part of Iraq during our first year there.


      • 24 March, 2010 15:22

        Ahh, I see.
        I also have a bachelor’s degree in theology as a BSA (Studio Arts – Photography) – pursuing a Master’s here whenever I can afford the a semester outta the way:)
        It’s interesting to read your blog too.
        I do not really ‘belong’ to either party though (registered repub) agreeing with you that the ‘lie’ is different on all levels – military command knows this all too well.

        Personally, I just can’t seem to trust what is becoming of the medical community as a whole (the background driving forces I mean, not the the good people who want and try to make a difference). I was a human pincushion as a little tyke as ‘doctors’ ‘practiced’ medicine on me, so it is hard for me to trust the medical community as a whole. But what can/will we do as long as federal is involved? We already both see that decline…

        Since when should ‘federal medical board mandated health care’ determine medical practice applied to individual health liberties – namely me and my family? The Verichip is next – sorry to say better do some research on this my friend…as well as positve ID.Awaken to this truth. It’s a bitter pill to take.

        I also have/am studied heavily – biology, physiology, anatomy (for art) and naturally derived medicines – not directed by a ‘board’ but as I choose and interest leads (kept open for Gods’ guidance of course). Side note that it’s Interesting that the food pyramid has been changed a few times since I was born in ’69 hmmm?

        Just wondering where the meds would be that would be safe to take….;)
        H1N1Swine flu vax has been proven to permanently destroy DNA….


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