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Know another Chuck Norris quote? Maybe about health care…

23 March, 2010



“I have so few words to express the depth of my disgust with the unconstitutional path and passing of Obamacare and the corruption in Congress. So let me just tell you about the storm coming to Washington.

Like before an impending death or brewing storm, there’s a hush at the moment, but most of us sense that there’s something very, very wrong on the horizon… It reminds me of a few years ago, when Dr. James Foster, from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, tackled the question, “Is there really a period of calm before a storm?”

His answer: There definitely is. Foster noted, “It was recognized long ago that before a severe storm, the air is still and the birds stop singing and go to shelter.”

What’s true with weather is also true with Washington. Many patriots have stopped singing. Some have gone into hiding. Others are gathering wood as we trudge through this Valley Forge. But all will reawaken and fight for the republic our founders laid down for us.

I believe Norris is a Christian.

I too feel his strong disgust and, with it, the impulse to find some kind of legal or political remedy. I have concluded that time is past. I am hardly alone.

I have written letters though this has taken perhaps one quarter of one percent as much as the time I spend writing on this blog.

Yet, I will certainly vote if there still is such a thing this November.

I still consider myself an American, however it has been, for several years now, my secondary identity not out of any preference for another nation but because it is earthly and therefore only temporary.”

exerpt from article: – read more here…

All I gotta say is, Ain’t that the truth.

Truth is good food! Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly!


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