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Dreams – stranger than fiction? Part 2

16 March, 2010

A little background before we continue (sorry,scroll to the ‘last’ page if you must)…

Some research I started looking into:

o – Cynthia Breazeal Robot designer for technical advisor
o Contact Stan Winston to design robots/technical advisor
o – Use the name “Apophis” named after the greek god of darkness and evil – the asteroid that hits the earth 2029 the pass by (the great catching away) 7 YEARS LATER 2036 is when the asteroid hits. This is the asteroid that originally came from the destroyed planet from before time began (the planet of evil).

The “Villian” in the movie was named Mr. Omega – but most knew him by Mr. ‘O’ – (Now isn’t this strange? This was before Obama became ‘president of the corporation of America’- this was in 2002 mind you….)

So here are more notes based on dreams I had between 1999 and 2003 to make a movie with…Heh I was soo naive….

“o Background On Mr. Omega…
ß Lost his leg after lab accident. Malliwyn was scientist in charge but not his fault – it was Chang’s team that was incompetent. Chang was Malliwyn’s understudy and head of his class. Omega favored Chang –because Omega wanted power and was in a position to influence the young man – behind Malliwyn’s back.
ß Malliwyn  is using robotics for experiment on bacteria found on the meteorite. Malliwyn proposed not to even start because of the dangers presented by reviving a extra-terrestrial bactral strain unkown to us. Omega said to go ahead anyway  “think of the possibilities…”. Omega like power.
ß but there was a power surge and then everything comes back online- except the robot’s arm’s power. So the experiment was continued, but Malliwyn forgets to tell Chang about the failsafe power reboot on the robot arm. Chang starts up the experiment aain but when the arm doesn’t move everyone hold their breath. Chang fiddles with some controller. Nothing happens. Then Malliwyn remembers the failsafe and tells Chang.
ß Chang looks sheepishly, realizing that was one thing he should have checked, “ because the startup procedure we went through  many times.”
ß The petri dish holding the bacteria gets bumped by the robot arm’s servos coming online (this should have been online before the bacteria was placed in it), and the petri dish falls and breaks right by Omega’s foot. Some bacteria flys onto Omega’s pants leg.
ß Omega begins to blame Malliwyn’s lack of control over his team, the experiment and everything else that went wrong. Malliwyn insits that they shouldn’t have begun the experiment and given it to someone better qualified.
ß Through the course of a few weeks Omega starts getting severe pain in his leg, later blisters start forming and rupturing every 24 hours and eventually the skin was so badly damaged that it literally begins to fall off. The leg had to be removed.
ß Malliwyn’s laid back style gets him ‘boo’ed by the board of directors eventually being forced to leave the partnership – secrectly bought out by Mr. O.
ß Mr. Omega is just waiting for a chance to fire Malliwyn but not before he finished the cybornetic transplant bodies – one for him and one for Silna – made originally for serious burn victims, people with serious birth defects or limb losses etc.
ß New scene opens with Malliwyn finishing after a grueling 48 hrs.. forced work or he’s fired, getting coffee, and in his hasteto see Omega, Malliwyn barges throug the door on a board meeting that Omega is in.
ß Omega tells Malliwyn to “immediately turning in all experiments, equipment and access keys and passes. I now own the company, your work and your life, so you can work for me or you can leave. You are a danger to everyone.
ß Malliwyn is pissed. And goes back to clean out his office and in his rage, some of his files got dumped into the trash. Malliwyn turns to the board and they sadly afirm this truth. Somehow, Omega has 2% more shares of the company than Malliwyn. Chang gave his (through deception) to Omega after the accident in order to keep his job.
ß Maliywn is working on a side project unknown to Mr. Omega, using nanites to build bodies and body parts. He then figures out that they can be manipulated to make other shapes – so a human form could turn into a dog form still retaining the “human-ness” of that person.’if this falls into the wrong hand though…”. So he starts to go all out on security for his home and property. This arouses Mr. Omega suspicions – who has spys everywhere for technology advances to steal – He had someone –Silna, computer expert, his daughter, unknowingly hack into Malliwyn’s accounts during his Partnership and had been keeping track of the expenditures.
ß before Treburn brings over the meteorite. Perhaps he is working on the newest form of cyborg / android. The skin over the mechanical parts could still be a light peachy color, semi-transparent. The body could be laid out on a table in Maliywn’s lab, with tools all around it. Maybe he could be using it to test his nanotubes….anyways, this bot is later used for Silna’s alternate body.
∑ Night falls. Maliywn contains the meteorite, turns off the lights, and as he leaves his lab, the audience can hear him talking to Treburn on his cell phone as he closes the door. Could zoom in on the rock to lead to next cut.

∑ A close-up shot of the meteorite during the day and a hand reaches in to grab it. The hand belongs to the android, who is now operational and walking around as Maliywn’s assistant.
∑ Maliywn mentions to himself how “the past two weeks better be worth it” as he is finishing his experimentation on the nanotube technology.
∑ He rejoices when his experiment is a success.
∑ He starts coughing and shows signs of sickness as he is jotting down notes.
∑ Cut to Mr. O. He receives the news and speaks with Chang about the money potential.
o Maybe here Mr.O might plan to buy 51% of the stock and fire Maliywn (another greedy, sneaky conversation)
∑ Cut back to Maliywn’s lab as Treburn and Silna walk in. The whole family is happy together in Maliywn’s success. (family momentJ)
∑ Treburn and Silna remind Maliywn of why they came, to remind him of the wedding rehearsal that night at the museum.
o Idea: Wedding and opening ceremony happen on same day.(Drama!)
o Idea: Maybe they ask Maliywn for a chunk of the meteorite for part of the artifact exhibition for the opening ceremony. (When the missile attacks occur, the chunk could be burned by the fire, causing twice as much gas to be released. This could be the reason why Silna is more sick than Treburn, because she was near the chunk during the attack)
∑ Maliwyn admits he forgot and instructs the android to clean up the lab. He leaves with the couple and they leave as a happy group.
∑ The shot stays on the android and Chang comes in the lab. He gathers some of Maliywn’s research and leaves the room, the droid staring after him.(or he turns off the droid, reprograms it for some “dark purpose” or something)
∑ A scene occurs between Mr.O and Chang as they plot Maliywn’s “early retirement” More evil scheming could occur
o Perhaps they can talk about ruining the wedding or Mr.O hating Maliywn for introducing Treburn to his daughter Silna at that one dinner party in the past.
∑ Scene shifts to the museum, where chairs are being setup and the wedding party is practicing; however, Mr.O never shows. This worries the group.
∑ Silna mentions how her father hated this marriage from the beginning and she’s really sad that now her own father won’t walk her down the isle. Maliywn offers to stand in and do the job, and Silna gives him a kiss on the cheek for being so kind.
∑ Rehearsal starts and ends. Could include some sweet moments if needed.
∑ Everyone is leaving the rehearsal and headed for the rehearsal dinner when Maliywn remembered he left something at the lab.
∑ Maliywn tells the couple he will be right back and heads off towards Advantage.
∑ He gets to his lab, and notices that his notes are gone, his android is acting weird, and things are a little messy. Very concerned, he gets his disk and starts to leave.
∑ He hears a sound and suddenly, the bikers burst through the wall and debris falls on top of Maliywn. The lead biker takes the meteorite and places it in a suitcase.
∑ The bikers leave the way they came. The android, hidden in the corner of the lab, comes out timidly to help Maliywn out from under the debris.
∑ He is unhurt, but shaken. He thanks the droid and tells her to go to his home and stay put.
∑ Maliywn arrives at the restaurant upset, but puts on a good show for the couple and gives a nice speech, coughing a few times in between.
∑ After the speech, he sits down next to Treburn and tells him about his lab and missing notes.
∑ Treburn is very concerned and wonders if Mr.O has anything to do with it. “He has been really suspicious lately.” Maliywn agrees.
∑ Silna is still sad her father is absent, but the two men cheer her up and they have a good time.
o Idea: Perhaps Mr.O is watching the festivities from afar, with binoculars outside his limo. He makes a quiet promise to himself that “daddy wants the best for his little girl” or some spooky comment like that.
∑ The lead biker arrives with the suitcase and Mr. O smiles at the sight. He gives a bigger suitcase to the biker, telling him to keep the change. Biker opens suitcase and looks at money, then turns to get back on his bike. Chang secretly place a bomb on it when the biker’s back was turned. The biker drives off down the road, and suddenly explodes, causing money to fly everywhere. People in the street start grabbing it….

∑ Scene opens with Maliywn and Treburn fixing their tuxes madly and rushing to get to the museum on time.
∑ Many people crowd the parking lot, making it hard for the two men to park. Potential for a few humorous moments.
∑ They finally get inside and the wedding begins, Maliywn walks Silna down the aisle and reminisces a little bit about his own wedding.
∑ He sits down and remembers his wife, Treburn as a little kid and stuff. Then he remembers first meeting Mr.O and how their business started to innocently and now….
∑ Cut to Mr. O at the back of the church where practically no one can see him. He watches Maliywn give Silna away and becomes silently infuriated.
∑ As the wedding party leaves, Chang appears to tell him the limo is ready. They leave.
∑ The wedding reception is held that night in another part of the museum; tables and food are set-up every where and the couple walk out to the second story balcony to watch the sunset.
∑ The first sun sets and then a second sun appears to set. This amazes everyone.
∑ Suddenly a missile appears from the center of the sun and heads straight for the museum.
∑ Treburn tries to protect Silna, but she is pushed out of his arms during the blast.
∑ The building is filled with gas and begins to catch fire. Treburn frantically searches for Silna.
∑ Maliywn finds Silna ( maybe next to the broken exhibit of the meteor chunk) and carries her as he runs for the exit. He finds Treburn on the way, helping others to escape. Everyone managers to get out of the building, but Maliywn notices how sick his son and present daughter are.
∑ Maliwyn takes the couple back to his house, where he has a small lab set up. He attempts to treat them with his new virus eater.”

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