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Dreams – stranger than fiction? Part 1

16 March, 2010

Ok i said I was gonna’ share some dreams I have had, but I wanted to first share the dreams…condensed into a premise for a movie(mostly because it saves me from typing-I already had it ). I have experienced  very real things while dreaming for ocer 2 decades now and wanted to share some of them with you perhaps you have some too – feel free to share and perhaps, woith Gods help we can figure out if there is any meaning to them together 🙂

Also remember I hd these dreams in and around the year 1999 – 2003 WAAAAY before I started researching what was REALLY happening…in end 2007.

So here goes part 1 written in end 2003 beginning of 2004…..

Idea for story – U.S. the robot species.

A future catastrophe in biological warfare claims limbs, body parts, etc. and slow agonizing deaths for its victims. Cyborg technology advances into full production. Some companies utilize robotic replacement, some use nanotechnology in order to “re-grow” limbs but with electronic upgrades available.  But all this comes very expensive to the living creatures on earth and most cannot afford to live.  Realizing that earth’s total population will be extinct in a matter of years, these companies soon merge in order to allow everyone who needs these parts to afford them. Welcome The Advantage Corporation who build factories all over the earth to produce all cybernetic parts, which in turn, are sold to different “companies” who just paste their individual logos on using only a few customized modifications per customer for individuality. Originally the name came from innocence – people with biologically created disadvantages now have an opportunity to become advantaged once again.  They come up with ways to make things look realistic so that everyone will feel more normal, natural and happy once again.
All’s fine and good in society as peace abounds while we overcome the WW3 – biological attacks that devastated and ravaged the earth…plants, animals and humans.    Most people start with their first upgrades – the obvious replacement of the destroyed parts of their bodies. Then the expensive part – the control center – an implant in the brain in order to control future upgrades and modifications.  Also internal organs are systematically replaced as they allow for stronger bodies and more enjoyable living.  People live into the hundreds of years – people who are rich.  The Advantage create parts that last maybe two years, they don’t offer upgrades, they are fragile and VERY expensive. For some, a lifetime of wages is required in order to function normally in society (even just to live), so they must enter into a life of slavery in order to have their diseased bodily parts replaced.  This creates a virtual monopoly for The Advantage, more money and more enemies.
However, with the exponential growth and demand for replacement parts, these “advantaged” parts become more like superpowers for humans, allowing them to do things they couldn’t with their normal biological body parts. Cyborgism becomes the fad of the youth – much like tattoos and piercings are now and the natural, normal look is out, replaced with the parts showing through the skin or no skin at all.  Metals and composites are now easily incorporated into the bones and skin with the use of nanites and e-cells…This allows for chameleon skin, unbreakable bones, super strength even bullet resistance.  But with all this technology The Advantage Corp. develops a dark side. Because every living thing on earth was in jeopardy, they were allowed to develop, design and distribute their parts unchecked.  The creators of The Advantage Corp. soon realize that having true power does not come from the parts but physical, mental and spiritual control over the ones who have them.  So they rapidly begin to advance this revelation to the 10th power.  They develop new wireless super-cyborgs for themselves that connect 10 human intelligences together– the main 10 humans that began cyborgism and The Advantage Corp. from the start.  They have “upgraded” their bodies so that they’ve become small building sized super-cyborgs that are behind The Advantage.  Each of The Advantage lives in one of the major continents and are connected to each other by a multi-terabit wireless Ethernet utilizing GPS and all the other locational devices we have today.
As time goes on most of these entitites become disenchanted with living on different continents and being separated.  So they begin to develop a way to become one in space – much like a huge spacestation that is able to oversee and control the earth in a much better way.  However a few of these entities like their independence and refuse to join. They realize that throughout history a dictatorship is eventually overthrown and wish the earth remain more democratic.  These become the “rebels”- troublemakers and are kicked out of The Advantage. But they had started to build small outskirt robot factories known as ORF’s (for outskirt robot factories) unknown to The Advantage before their separation.  The parts that they make (and eventually put on humans) are known as ORFans.  The parts that they manufacture are better than The Advange parts and soon ORFans (the humans that use these parts eventually become dubbed) start showing up and become the talk of the town. They have fewer malfuntions if any, they last for decades with the ability to modify themselves as software and hardware change, they are stronger, faster, and less expensive to build and buy.  The Advantage know that if they create parts that modify themselves and last for decades they will soon be out of money.  The shareholders in Advantage see that they are losing big bucks by letting ORFans exist.
However The Advantage have, of course, more people (shareholders and slaves), larger factories, a longer time in the business, a bigger marketshare – almost a monopoly because they had the idea and started it.  So knowing that their loyalists will do anything for upgrades and new parts, they begin to create bounty hunters and spies, in all shapes and sizes, from remote autonomous robots to full blown war machines.  So, the ORFans are systematically hunted down – they are made to look like criminals – in order to “keep the peace” as The Advantage calls it.    The ORFans fight back for their own survival and offer anyone who is trust-worthy better, cheaper more advanced and integrated hardware and software.

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