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Whoah! A TR3-B variant?????

16 March, 2010

I am not kidding, even though we don’t have a photo or ‘hard evidence’…
I’ve been busy since then so I havn’t been able to really post much lately, but on Wednesday night 10th of March (I think it was Wednesday or Thursday anyway) we (my family and I) had a TR3-B or some variant just fly over our house towards the base close to where we live!

It was skimming the tree line , probably only 100 ft off the ground. Not sure if it was 3-b because there were fewer lights on the side and they were round instead of square.
Definitely a ‘flying triangle’. (my son remarked that it “..looked like, you know, those paper footballs we make in school…”)

Anyway, It looked like it was gonna land in the woods out in the reservation it was flying so low. As fas as I know, it may have been landing on an ‘outside’ field – one that isn’t the main strip.
We all also noticed a tingling sensation – I was still inside our house, my wife was just opening the door at that time – as we felt, more than heard, a rumbling vibration – like a C-130 was flying 600 ft. overhead – and they do that regularly here…
But this was a strange ‘rumble’-could ‘feel’ it more than ‘hear’ but also a very high pitch jet type whine – very quiet but audible still. The wind seemed to kick up a bit too
I was writing,of course I didn’t see it fly over directly. My wife, however, ran outside – because when we heard and felt it, we both looked at each other and said “That plane is flying REALLY LOW!” – she saw it more from the side at that time, but could still see from below and said,” That’s a weird plane…wow!…honey! come here quick!” which got me movin’ to the front door!
I ran out but, of course , just missed it in the tree line – saw the BRIGHT LIGHTS though!.

My son was coming home – towards the apparent direction of the craft and saw it through the trees too and came home about 5 min later after it flew over and described it – all excited!
He drew it out and – between their descriptions, it looked similar to these examples:

(NOTE: these are not my images but the closest things I could find matching description)

Pretty cool nonetheless – except for the tinglely sensation – didn’t much care for that…
I wish we had gotten footage but it happened so fast – just another “You gotta take our word for it” eyewitness account….
Sorry guys and gals we flailed on that 😦
But we are ready now – cameras charged by the door, just in case! 😀

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