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Time is truly short – a brief overview of what’s to come…

15 March, 2010

Quote from Ultraguy:

“I take this all as yet another set of signs that those people and things in rebellion against God are being elevated higher and more explicitly every day while the things of God, His church, His chosen people, and His name come in for greater and more explicit condemnation and persecution. Watch, wait and pray for the reversal. He is coming soon!”
Also see this blog: – if you have time….

This fulfills several scenarios:

(Judeo-Christian) religious, alien visitation (in the truest definition), Armageddon (the worlds evil controlling elite and their mercenary armies converging to Ancient Babylon to fight an “alien invasion” (i.e. Jesus’ return to set up HIs kingdom on earth for 1000 year) peace, ascention, earth changes, prophecies etc.
Mass Abduction scenario = Rapture and possible bluebeam project in operation in same time period of just weeks…
The Bible – A book of “Extraterrestrial life”, visiting Earth, having dwellings in outer space, visiting earth, good/ bad conflict – over us and our souls/spirit bodies that are our true form….etc.
The Book(s) of Enoch.
Dead Sea scrolls
Sumerian texts….
Time truly is short.
Choose salvation through Jesus and what He did for everyone!
This info is bigger than any religion, science, government want to tell us.
It makes us free – to chose life eternal with Him or death eternal away from Him.
“They” – the evil ruling elect/antichrists have been dealing with Lucifer/Satan in the form of an angel/alien of Light – they didn’t know, they were deceived – possibly.
“They” sold us, the rest of the human race, out to Lucifer and his fallen angel/alien ‘buddies’  – for technology and power over others. They knew they are going down…why not try to take as many as they can right?
Not on my watch

Hope this helps someone, sorry so long.

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