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Not sure about religion? Here’s an answer or two…

15 March, 2010

You are right about religion – it’ man made.

The truest form of ‘religion’ is to take care of the widows and the orphans as well as the least of all.
There is a connection between what the Bible teaches, Aliens, abductions, and more, however. The Book of Enoch describes this to great detail…Fascinating.

But over 2000+ years or more, man has made it so complicated and split up ( as well as all the religions too) so that it’s not the cohesive, blatent, x-rated-in-your-face- truth that it should be anymore – except to those who want to search it out for themselves.
Free will (and freedom) is a great gift, but also requires great accountability for wrong choices based on set laws, rules and regulations of the highest power.

God is a person with a physical body but greater than all. Having a body and spirit, but not constrained by its abilities,able to be in all, all knowing but caring about the smallest things in everyone’s life, wishing for us to choose life not death.
Right not wrong,good not evil.
But He is also totally good – no evil can be in His presence or else it be destroyed.
He is righteous.
(explains the rationale “I can’t understand why God would do that/let that happen”)
If we would be in his presence we would be destroyed because of the bad stuff we do or say, except for the blood of Jesus that covered those things and cleaned us from them. He even helps us overcome them if we keep trying and asking for forgiveness.

That’s why he had his Son, Jesus, (alien hybid) to take the evil we did,are doing and will do, on himself, in our place and fastened them to the cross so that we can be in the heavens (outer space) with him forever  just by believing that He did that for everyone who chooses to believe in him:sunny: no one else coud or would have I think.
How cool is that!

Oh, btw Jesus could be viewed as ‘alien hybrid’ (no disrespect – I think HE knows anyways) tying these two memes together…in the truest meaning of the definition…angels too – good and bad). Understand the phrasing ‘ALIEN’ is a repackage of angels/demons and God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

His kingdom throne (on the planet ‘Heaven’) is coming here (possibly a small planet sized craft – see dimentions of New Jerusalem , which has also been called the Tabernacle of God, the Holy City, the City of God, the Celestial City, and Heavenly Jerusalem, is literally heaven on earth. It is referred to in the Bible in several places (Isaiah 52:1, Galatians 4:26, Hebrews 11:10, 12:22-24, and 13:14), but it is most fully described in the 21st chapter of the book of Revelation.

The Truth – as best as I understand it:

This event will be happening soon, but first a mass ‘alien abduction’ (the harpazo) the ‘Rapture’ of the current followers of Jesus (as well as those who have died – they get to board first as a privelege 😀 ) – (Several of us believe that this could very well be this September 2010 during Rosh Hashannah – the feast of trumpets..)

Then all hell breaks loose-meteorites and wars, destruction and re-wildization of America for around 3-3.5 years or so (time is shortened somehow – the Chile earthquake made the axis of the earth change and the days are now shorter…) 2012/2013

(NOTE:people that stick together survive better. A gardener will be more valuable than a stockbroker,banker etc…Nitewatch,guns and show of force will be necessary for security for neighborhoods etc. probly no utilities to new believers in Jesus, rfid decliners, truthers etc. just the elites, thier cronies and slaves.)

..then the 144000 Jews saved as well as anyone becoming a believer in Jesus at this time – many will be killed, however, because they won’t take verichip rfid/magnetic nano tattoo…don’t fear what man can do, fear what God will do
then armageddon = WWIII 3.5 years or so – 2016/2017
Jesus returns to set up kingdom for 1000 years in Jerusalem and peace for 1000 years under total righteousness. Should be around 2017-2018 when this happens.

Sorry, for the length. Time is short. People need to know and be able to choose from the real truth and all the rest of the 2000+ years of lies, half lies, some lies and no responses.

The war is for our souls – not money, power, land – the bad aliens are goin’ down and they know it and try to take as many of us as they can with them….

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