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I believe – but just in case…part 2

15 March, 2010

I just want to say before you read this, please understand that I believe very strongly, The ‘Harpazo’ (rapture) will probably happen this year (2010), certainly in a time frame between NOW (March 2010) and June 2011, however, I personally believe it WILL BE this year – in September 2010 (connected to/with Rosh Hashanna especially). Please live responsibly and sober and looking to the skies.

Those who have long been awaiting this event will be gone, to live and be with HIm eternally in the heavens and many who have been ‘asleep’ spiritually due to errant teachings and philosophies by others, will be wondering what happened to them (true believers).

This even means some of our family and friends – even in the same church could be left. Please wake up everyone, because Yeshua is at the door! Tell all you meet about Jesus – there isn’t much time left ! 🙂

a little something to shake ya’ up (make sure the volume is up, it’s a bit quiet):

and this:

to recap from part 1 – email reads:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Christian Word Ministries
> To:
> Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 8:03 AM
> Subject: From Christian Word Ministries
>       Dear Prayer Partner
>       Last year my pastor John Kilpatrick believed he had a vision from the Lord.
In the vision John Kilpatrick believes the Lord showed him a map that was drawn on Indian parchment.
 The map covered the central part of the United States.
There were two towns spelled out on the map, Indianola and Europa.
Pastor Kilpatrick believes that the map represents the New Madrid Fault line.
Since then I have had a vision of a bridge buckling over a large river and the Lord has
told me to prepare for a coming earthquake that would diminish the food supply being
shipped to the Eastern part of the United States from the West.
Recently John Kilpatrick received another word from the Lord telling him not to neglect to
prepare food, water, and shelter. If something ever happened to the bridges over the
Mississippi and they collapsed during an earthquake trains and trucks would have to go through
Northern Canada to carry food from the west coast to the east coast. Yesterday I believe I was
in intercession about the New Madrid Fault line. I believe the Lord wants His saints to prepare
for the possibility of this event. I believe He wants us to have a supply of food, a supply of
medicine, a supply of water, and seeds for our gardens and a small amount of cash.
Please pray that God's saints would prepare for these times.
>       Dick Broadbent
>       Christian Word Ministries

Now Also add this:
“When it starts to go down, GET OUT OF THE CITIES –

see MOUT”

I believe this was the Lord, because I have seen this type of talk from FEMA too – check their site. 3 months of supplies hmm?

Also I have studied New Madrid for about 2 weeks now – (or since Haiti ‘disaster’, ‘relief efforts’, occupation, and subsequent control of the country scenario – it’s not a new ploy, but technology is being used to do this or to work with the existing ‘fault’…I believe).

So essentially – think turn of the century, cowboy days or early 20th century – what was ‘hot trade items’… (i.e. coffee,oil,sugar,flour,butter,eggs,livestock,gunpowder,alcohol, precious metals and gems – even paper and seeds)…you get the idea – some research will help too).
All the trades will re-emerge as everyone learns how to work together in communities and towns.

see History Channel propaganda?:

Scrap metal will become more important too.

Salvage will be a new type of job (trade). I witnessed this in Mexico 2007 during a mission trip – people up on “Trash Mountain” sorting and bagging the landfill….they even had ‘spots'(booths) set up and guarded them fiercely.

Think twice about those containers we call ‘trash’ (esp. aluminum,glass) thrown away on a daily basis – we ONLY throw away about 10% ‘trash’ (non-reuseable stuff), the rest of it is known as ‘resources’ by recycling companies – think about that…(remember the last time a fast food place tried to charge for (the) cup of water – after you bought that $20 meal :)…heh, paper was something you DIDN’T throw away at one time – even treasured….something wrong here!

Books will once again become popular – since electricity will be scarcer….all that info in the hard drive lost without power – (You may want to print off those pictures, information and stuff now:)

watch movies: Book of Eli, Mad Max, Waterworld, The Postman etc. – these are also ‘truth propaganda’ presented in fictional formats…

Every household should have 3 months supplies and food per person (3 meals/day + snacks) of :

food/water/medicine/ammo/gasoline and propane natural gas/soap (cleaners,detergents, bathing), money (as long as that’s valid – RFID will take this over soon) saved up.

Ammo for guns will be essential to protect supplies storages from UN police,military (it happens, don’t be foolish),ravagers and the unprepared….
reloading –
ammo and stuff –

air guns – – Even pellet guns can work…for novice shooters, women, children (recoil issues), small game(saves that ‘real’ ammo for defense & bigger game).No one wants any gun pointed at them…Or try learning Archery, blowguns (knife/hatchet throwing ,lol) it’s fun but very dangerous so be safe while practicing.SELF DEFENSE will be crucial as the infiltration of our government by evil workers becomes more complete.

Gasoline will be essential for electricity (generators) more than transportation, I feel. You will need a gas stabilizer too such as STP gas treatment/octane booster.

A bicycle is prob’ly best human powered investment of transportation.Get one! – ‘mod’ it with a small engine or battery/motor for some fun:)

(A horse/donkey/goat to pull a cart would work too 🙂 – need food for them too – (built in lawnmower/composter). A goat could also provide some milk or meat is in a pinch (here’s where you’d need ammo again to KEEP your livestock on your property and or alive)…

Try to get a pet chicken or three….fresh eggs are always nice! Plus that annoying rooster can make a NICE Sunday meal!

Work on building your own alternate sources of Electricity & HOT WATER– magnetic (monopole generator),solar,wind….lots of deep cycle batteries (shielded from EM fields, of course – maybe using some of those tossed out soda/beer cans or old aluminum foil), even those surplus Chinese Hand crank generators work – rig your bike to it and work out while charging batts…:)Kids could be handy for this recharge time it’s great way to wear off somae of their energy to store in batteries for later – ingenious 🙂

Hand tools (if you have no power) – drills, saws, blenders, grain mills, etc.

Get ONLY original, non-GM (genetically modified) heirloom type seeds – any hybrid seed will be designed to fail after a year or at the max, 2 – (designed to fill Big Agriculture’s pockets and make you a slave to them, IMHO) -5 years of seeds stored just in case. You may have to hand pollinate because of the bio-attack on bees, so arrange garden to be efficient….a source of water helps draw bees in though…

Some helpful sites:

Bulk Roasted coffee- (my favorite coffee)
or buy bulk green beans and learn to roast yourself – 5 min or so to custom fresh roast+French press=best coffee you ever had.

Bulk foods,Dehydrated/Freeze Dried:
Make your own: -canning, freezing/refrigeration(need a battery for that),dehydrating,freeze drying – (powdered milk,butter,eggs)

Stock up on Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofin, Nyquil, Antibio’s,Medicines and Vitamins:
Grain Alcohol – for drinking, topical medicine/internal tinctures…also hot trade commodity!;jsessionid=2B9242CE96EF0D3E4849E8EDDFD64EE3.jvm1?contentId=HP_CONTENT_1
There are tons of other sites and info….NOTE: Acetominefen (or however you spell it) has been shown to significantly counteract ‘the fabled Swine Flu Vaccination’ (don’t get this btw – it is designed to permanently damage your DNA) and prevent it from working, so it will be recalled along with Tylenol and other Multi-Cold medicines such as Nyquil, etc. Get em’ whilst you can…So THAT’S why they were recalled…

Cheers! Resources are more precious than money. Use them wisely or you will end up having to trade, visit the landfill, or get that damned RFID.

Please look out for friends and neighbors who may not be ‘awake’ yet, for there is still time for them to get ready. Your supplies will be demanded by them and you will have to choose…There will be a time where we will have to shut out those who didn’t listen – even family and friends. (It’s not wise to let others know about your personal storage efforts – other than talk about doing it or working together on it.)

This is a sad but true scenario – Noah, Im sure, had lots of neighbors and friends pounding on the ark’s door when it started raining, but the Lord sealed it…Lot’s wife got vaporized as she tried to return to old sinful ways…5 of (10) the virgins (Christians) were left because they were not ready (Although this is a spiritual readiness, not a physical, oil in this case is used as an example, but it’s a ‘physical’ reference to readiness.) Everyone had and opportunity, but they weren’t ready to leave their comfort zones.

Watchmen are ready!


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