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Silver and Gold, What Power Does It Hold?

1 November, 2015

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new in the menu.

Tonight is just a rambl-og. A contraction (of our own device) of rambling web log (blog). So it will ramble and may even not make any sense, but here goes:

A theory why mankind has a active for gold and silver…and why God Almighty and Satan (and company) have required it’s use?

This we are relegating to the angel/alien meme previously mentioned and also recent posts.
Some have suggested from N.D.E.’s (near death/clinically dead experiences) that the ‘streets of gold’ in Heaven are so pure, it’s crystalline or transparent gold.
Scientists have discovered transparent aluminum [FOUND HERE] – ergo Star Trek…so it’s not so far fetched and God seems to have a desire for extreme purity in all cases in the scriptures.

Why has it been used for money, and TONNES of gold and silver have been used in everything HIGH GRADE INDUSTRIAL/ELECTRONIC…whatever?
Why have banks been shifting (gold AND silver and precious metals) e’rything ’round lately?

Ever hold a pure piece of gold or silver in your hand?

Maybe it’s knowing the value or maybe something more, but compared to holding old coins or wads of hundo’s (Hundred dollar bills), there’s just something palpably different about that ultra pure metal contacting the skin -at least for me. But why?

Here’s a theory. Perhaps it’s because mankind are electro-chemical bodies – similar to a battery…with an eternal spirit being inside.
We require nutrients and minerals to survive…most call ‘food’, and batteries need recharged from outside sources…same analogy…both use rare and precious metals (mineralized forms in humans,of course) in order to do so as there is an electro-chemical response affecting the biologic materials composing the ‘body’.

Gold and silver conduct electricity VERY well, used in ALL electronics and silver (mainly) has certain anti-bacterial/purification effects, giving it a triple whammy!

God has, seemingly, created the same type of universe – electro-chemical.
We are just starting to understand that comets are NOT balls of ice but electrically charged chunks of rock, giving us the ‘Tail’ associated with them.

Is THIS why He chooses gold and silver in The Bible?

Is this why precious metals has been THE form of wealth used for MILLENNIA?

Is this why technology is so important using precious metals?

Is this why only those in “The Know” use it as a form of exchange outside the current ‘banking system’
that most hold so dear and the best form of ‘wealth’ preservation?

There is a reason to mine asteroids, apparently according to some, including Mr. Elon Musk and N ever A S traight A nswer.
The enemy, satan, Lucifer, whatever ‘it‘ is, seems to be using mankind to do his bidding – to create a tyrannical form of world domination using the internet,computers, electronics of all sorts connected to it, soon including mankind based off much of the research presented here…all containing and requiring gold and silver, and other precious/semi-p metals and gems/crystals. Even quartz technology started with crystals…and light and biology as well are being phased into computers further trying to imitate God’s natural creation.

Just musing here, don’t get upset, but…

Interestingly though, they still contain gold and or silver no matter how small of amount.

We think that gold and silver perhaps even will be part of the anti-christ or ‘beast’ system – using gold and silver (precious metals) even if in minute amounts, to make chip implants and R.F.I.D.’s on EVERYTHING bought or sold (or birthed), because it’s all about electronics tracking everything – still ALL use gold and silver (and/or some other type of metal/mineral dug outta’ tha’ ground)…

The Devil is a copy cat of what God does…only with tyrannical control and death (eternal separation from God) included.

Of course these are just theoretical questions based off whatever information the scriptures give us, research previously presented and today’s thoughts we’d like to share with y’all.

Let us know what y’all think, vote, comment, subscribe and…


Happy Resurrection Surprise!

1 November, 2015

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new in the menu.

Today’s special reflects on a widely ignored ‘Christian’ holiday, All Saint’s Day [FOUND HERE], or Hebrew Purim[FOUND HERE] following the most pagan and satanic – Hallow’s Eve (or Halloween)[FOUND HERE].

Well, after those foundations to the recipe have been made, we have the final dish we like to call, Resurrection Suprise! Now there are MANY, MANY instances of this being a worldwide phenomenon, get on over to YT (youtube), and start doing your own cross-exams, or go talk to doctors or the people that have witnessed it.

Either way, after seeing this recipe we present today, the ‘narrative of ingredients’ remain fairly common.

Something we can pretty much hold as truth…so without further ado…


and part 2:

After hearing this rendition of THE Creator, I wept, as it bears witness to several of my dreams with Him too!

Hope you enjoyed and…



We All Need Four B Insurance…

15 October, 2015

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu

Today we are briefly discussing what recipes you can prepare for ultimate comfort in times of trouble.

We call these recipes “insurance” and many of us don’t really understand what ingredients are used or even how it tastes, because most of us don’t get to try the recipe 20 or 30 years in the making.

Most of the recipes that are more familiar to us are known as ‘traditional insurance’ companies…basically giving the ‘eater’ (consumer) candy coated ‘fluff’ to keep them happy through good times, but when it comes time to make that ‘meat and potato dinner with veggies on the side’ for dinner (times you need and want it most), most are lucky to get a ‘squashed burger with cold soggy fries on the side’ (not what you need or want). Yuck who wants to eat that? And after paying all that money for all those years? There’s gotta’ be a better recipe for true insurance ‘recipes’, right?

We postulate that EVERYONE needs to invest in the Four B Insurance ‘Recipe’, or more formally – Four B Insurance. This IS, in our humble opinion, the BEST insurance to get for everyone and the best type to cover everyday circumstances when (and IF) they start to go a little sour…or downright rotten.

“So where do I get this Four B insurance?” you might say.

Well fortunately it is fairly easy to aquire, mostly however, you need some sort of trade item, usually called money

(although trade item may be a better term), to begin so let’s start there.

First, we’ll assume that we all have an income of some sort, and most of the time it’s required to get this mandatory insurance set up.

After the basics are taken care of, the rest is fairly easy and inexpensive…

“Okay already, what is Four B Insurance?”

Well, it’s fairly simple as the Four B Insurance is: Beans, Bandages, Bullets, and Bullion. Just that easy…don’t understand?

Let’s expound on this ‘mandatory’ insurance plan, shall we?


First we have Beans.

Beans doesn’t just mean beans, but food. A supply of at least 1 month of food per person with a shelf life of 15-20 years should be in everyone’s pantry. Freeze dried of course is the best, but dehydrated is a close second and canned goods bringing up the rear. Also, having either water stored (and treated so it won’t go bad)and/or water filters is a perfect way to start. You will also need water treatments of some sort if radiation or chemicals are present.

Beans also can mean dried seeds for next year’s harvest…gotta replace that food somehow! Start small now and get used to doing this. It’s fairly easy, with just a few plants, diverts boredom (a bad ‘B’ to have) and rewarding!

It will also give you a better idea as to how much to actually plant for food and storage (even profit).


Secondly, we have Bandages (Band-Aids if you’re new to this planet – under 30).

Pretty self explanatory, but this is where your real health care cost should be going – into your own cabinet.

Bandages covers medical things from herbs you can grow ( and books for info on use dosages, etc. with no power or internet or get that info NOW while you can and print it out!) to prescriptions to Vitamin supplements to, yes, bandages. You will also need antiseptics of at least 3 – naptha alcohol (isopropal can get poisonous using repeatedly) or natural grain(Everclear/Moonshine) alcohol, iodine, and hydrogen peroxide. There are ointments and salves, but lots of recipes on how to make homemade medicinals and first aid items.

Minor surgery can also be implemented but you need to know what to do…human anatomy books and if you’re homesteading, some animal anatomy books can help too. Understandably, some may need more medical aid than can be provided at home. Also understandably, those same should make every precaution to NOT totally rely on ‘the system’ in place now and to be as self-reliant as possible. Needless to say, God is always there and is a given that we always depend on Him first…


Ok, next we have Bullets.

Yes, also known as lead bullion, but we hafta’ have Four B’s ya’ know…

Having ammo is just as important to protect your ‘investments’ as having the guns. Guns just become clubs with no ammo reducing survivability tremendously.

Also knowing how to shoot and knowing how ALL potential enemies may attack puts you, as your own insurance agent , miles ahead of average attacking comrade…I mean citizen (a little humor based on today’s news).

Keep in mind too, that governments have been corrupt before, are still and will use every opportunity ‘they’ can (based on history) to make citizens subservient and dependent through tyrannical laws, taxes, and violence.

Bullets are for your family’s protection from Global Criminals in government just as much as for hunting game for your families survival/food income (not someone else’s stuff).

You’ll wanna’ use your bandages on more urgent matters than on wounds received trying to get someone else’s stash…and you’ll need bullets to protect your last item from being taken by ALL those that try…

Bullion – and not the kind to make soup. That would be under Beans….

Bullion as in gold and silver (precious metals and gems). Yes, you probably need (should get) an alternate form of trade and wealth storage other than cash, i.e. paper or worse, digital forms of investment ownership. While it may be fine for now, having all your ‘golden eggs’ in one basket, isn’t the best plan.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, and gems all have had ‘money’ or REAL WEALTH on them for millennia. Only in the past 100 years have we diverged from this mentality – via greedy bankers and globalists, politicians, lawyers and statesman. Ironically though, they all have between 10-40% of their total assets in this or companies that make it and sell it…keep that in mind. Also God seems to think highly of it as money and a industrially useable material with heaven having ‘streets of gold’ and ‘pearly gates’…

With many countries in debt, this commodity, real wealth rather, is set be a player in the counter revolution against the fiat paper debt system currently in place, but visibly failing globally.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time until some sort of “new” system will be in place – for ‘everyone’s safety and security’ (code for entrapment, incarceration and enslavement), but it is ‘set’ to use implantable or tattooed microelectronics to use humans as collateral and carbon as it’s foundation. Not such a great system when those that implement will still need gold and silver to make all their tech! If they don’t have it all, then they’ll want it all. Keeps the tech more one sided too…

Also, as long as there is electricity and devices, the industrial demand alone will dictate the use of precious metals. Silver even has medicinal properties that give it a third leg to stand on, but that goes to Band-aids…

Even if it goes down in ‘value’, it will never be zero like so many ‘stocks, bonds and promises on paper or in electronic numbers…virtual (NON-EXISTANT) wealth.

So there you have it.

The Four B Insurance Plan…one you CAN depend on!


OH NO! Wait…we almost forgot one B and THE most important one… Bible!

Well worn, well read – so it’s been said!

Yes, your Four, no FIVE B Insurance Plan has the Bible, it’s core and foundation, and in the manner of Yeshua, saving the best wine for last at the wedding feast, we leave y’all with the best B in the plan – the Word of God to us and for us, The Bible.

We need it every day as spiritual food, to use it everyday as spiritual armor, live it everyday as love – as He first loved us and gave His only son, so that none would perish…

So we’ve gone from a Four B plan to a Five B Plan…or keep it a Four B – as long as The Bible is the core. It makes the perfect foundation to build on!

Hope you liked this post, or that you got some help anyway. Please rate, let us know what ya think and until next time…




Simple Explanations Make things Easier…

20 September, 2015

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we have a pretty simple recipe. Try a taste, let us know how it tastes – and thanks to “Chef” Cioccolanti.

Hope you enjoyed and…


Escape The Eye 6

18 September, 2015

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu

We only are offering a Soup de Jour. Try a spoonful, let us know how it tastes:


E. the E. part 5

17 September, 2015

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu

We only are offering a Soup de Jour. Try a spoonful, let us know how it tastes:

Thanks Spock…fascinating.


More Info Just So You Know…Escape The Eye Part 4

16 September, 2015

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today’s specials come from a few chef’s who DO their homework and present verifiable recipes for your enjoyment!

A couple of info-tainment videos to watch – easier than typing all this J:

And here’s an audio interview pertaining to recipes we have been reviewing:

Hope you enjoyed and…



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