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A Wealth Of Information In An Hour…Do You WANT To Know?

18 May, 2016

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we have a menu item based on consumption within an hour.

Hope you enjoyed as we did.

Remember Jesus is Lord, and is always in control. Don’t fear but be wise and warned for you and your family!


Godly Medicine…Politics, Corporatism, Religion In The Way

1 May, 2016

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu…

Cannabis, the ultimate consumable…

Yes, another documentary with education as the goal, not brainwashing most have been enduring these past 80 years, including yours truly.

We aren’t going to give much commentary except ‘watch, and form your opinions’.

It is hard to be ‘personally involved’ in this criminal drug war (on the receiving end) – seeing innocents, family and peers sent to jail and their hard earned assets and goods plundered by the self-called ‘do-gooders’ (the police, doctors, social workers, lawyers, privatized prisons – the justice system as a whole) through ‘legal theft’ and lies.

These people using cannabis are not criminals but are treated as such.

We apologize to all ‘church people’ and the self-righteous for ‘poisoning’ this otherwise ‘Godly blog’ with ‘normalized filth’ preached against from most pulpits on Sunday mornings.

Well…God made this plant for a reason.

Maybe we should figure out what IS and ISN’T right ACCORDING TO GOD and not man’s interpretations…

It’s time to set things right and stop the state sponsored persecution and criminalization of cannabis users.

Ok, we’re done…hard to believe this vid was two years ago…

Hope y’all enjoyed and…


In Case You Missed It…TTAC for 48 More!

23 April, 2016

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu…
In case you missed ‘the meal’, we have been blessed with a 48 hour replay on this ‘recipe’ used in the medical and nutritional establishment that’s been provided to the average person(s) with cancer related issues…
Here is the 48 hour link to see The Truth About Cancer documentary in case you missed an episode or two.
Thanks again to Ty and everyone who helped with this documentary to release the truth about our corrupted medical and health system and the scams and lies that are rampant in this otherwise ‘professional’ community.
We also encourage y’all to help support this noble cause and pick a copy or two of this, quite literally, life changing documentary.
Hope this helped and…

Tax Day Due, Need To Worry?

19 April, 2016

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today’s recipe is short and sweet, right on time for tax season. We call it Untaxation Stew…

Have a taste:

Hope y’all enjoyed and…


Your Life is The Garden of Eden Or The Matrix

16 April, 2016

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we have fresh, off the vine examples of good food, which leads to a good life.

We’ll keep our waxing eloquent and verbiage short and sweet and let those with ‘better mastery’ have the floor…but in a nutshell, if you aren’t part of the matrix, expect a little trouble.

It’s all about the money once again, paying ‘bribes’ known as permits or taxes to some part of society who uses it to further persecute, enslave and steal your hard earned labor…but…if you have to pay something, pay attention to this:

Now, we aren’t nudists, pantheistic or atheists but we do love freedom, as YHWH prescribed, however, sometimes clothes are for protection from some of the plants and critters lurking about…

We’ve also been getting a lot of emails lately, and having new jobs hasn’t let us been as dedicated to the things that should be free, however, we’ve been recently previewing a documentary called The Truth About Cancer…TTAC, and have found it to be interesting to say the least.

We hope y’all will subscribe to this and try to catch up watching this even as the next episodes come out, or, if y’all have time, subscribe to this documentary (look for TTAC on internet) or get the dvd’s to help you or your loved ones quest for longevity of life, preventative medicine and cures from diseases, including and especially cancer – and these links may not be active very long so watch them asap:

[part 1]


[part9-last episode] – showing now – (or go here for 48 more hours –

Anyway, hope this helped, y’all liked this and…


Gold Used To Rule, Cash was King, Now YOU Will Be Collateral?

10 April, 2016

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we have a recipe that quite a few people seem to like across the globe, albeit unknowing where the ingredients are really coming from and what they really are.

Confused? Well it’s about how we do business, in general, on a day to day basis.

How will you pay for this ‘meal’? Well, here take a look:

Now, we can see how this fits perfectly with the MANDATORY health care plan (punishable by fines and/or imprisonment) tied to income tax (IRS) and soon to be meshed with implantable/tattooed ‘health care biometric devices’ is going to fit rather nicely with the ‘ol mark of the beast system of the new world odor – er, I mean order, spoken of in Revelations.

It COMPELS everyone to participate…or else.

It COULD be stopped however, if people could be De-programmed from their matrix reality…the goal is to make us all collateral…livestock for the Enemy(ies) of YHWH.

Beginning this summer, the Japanese government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to use their fingerprints to make purchases.

The Japan News reports:

The government hopes to increase the number of foreign tourists by using the system to prevent crime and relieve users from the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards. It aims to realize the system by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The experiment will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit card information, at airports and elsewhere.

Tourists would then be able to conduct tax exemption procedures and make purchases after verifying their identities by placing two fingers on special devices installed at stores.


Data concerning how and where foreign tourists use the system will be managed by a consultative body led by the government, after the data is converted to anonymous big data.


Help us spread the word about ‘these lies’ about cash, cards…even spare change…as they are going to be increased (around the world) 10 fold this year and possibly into 2017.

We’re not sure, however, we even have that much time before ‘Big Brother’ starts stepping out and rounding up the unwilling participants and either chopping heads or implanting beast chips…we think these will actually alter DNA at the root, making it IMPOSSIBLE for the salvation of Yehoshua from the HUMAN condition. This is why He says those who take this ‘mark’ (also a Roman ‘unit’ of money in a revived Roman empire) will be cast into the lake of fire – hell, as it were.

The only way to say, “NO!” against this ‘gestapo mentality’, would be using the ‘second amendment’, which is also under attack along with the first…well, come to think of it, ALL of the original 10 are under attack to some degree or another!

If you don’t remember your History you will be doomed to repeat it…

SO, trust in YHWH, Yehoshua, and HIS Holy Spirit to help with wisdom, knowledge and love in these coming months. Time is truly short for His return and restoration of all that is good.

Until then…


Addiction, The Drug War and THE Truth!

6 April, 2016

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today’s menu includes ‘medicines’ and their effects (and affects) on people.

We want to include as much information as possible to restate our position on what is REALLY happening in our social environments, compared to the media charade/facade mainstream propaganda displayed.

All the more reason to work harder in helping everyone involved in federal and state persecutions.

Have a hear-see:

We want to finalize that Yehoshua (Jesus) has an immediate cleansing effect on most, if not all of these people, but the state, or government, has made THIS person (Jesus) a ‘sin’, to even mention His name in public gatherings, speeches and social events, much less to turn to Him, in times of trouble.

We disagree with most federal, state and local government laws and procedures – especially when they are against the true creator of the universe, as they compel the desperate, persecuted and hurting into a deeper pit of despair, loathing and self destruction…through lies, misinformation and dependance on ‘the state’ or ‘the govenment’ (as in “…there ought’ be a law”…)rather than on YHWH!

It’s all because we have given up our sovereignty, independence, individuality, and freedom to those who use them against us for control, dominance and subjugation – slavery…without color, race, religion, or whatever!

It’s time…this year of “I’ve had it up to here”…to take back what is ours and to be a blessing to others, in spite of collectivism, communism, fascism, totalitarianism and all the other ism-schisms that are only designed to divide and conquer our free will, God given rights.

Hope y’all enjoyed and…



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